Weird WordPress Badges

I don’t even know where to begin with this. While checking the comments on my Mad Libs post from earlier in the week, I noticed WordPress was trying to alert me to the following milestone:


Congratulations on getting 1,337 total likes on NMNPHX.

HUH? Look again folks, I received a badge not for 1,000 likes, not even for 1,300 likes, but for 1,337 likes?! A few minutes later, I then received a notification to approve a pingback from my site to another blogger’s site.  The only problem is, I had already approved this pingback in July.

Is WordPress acting up again? Back in June, I had several issues with WordPress deleting my posts, which I ranted about in Dear WordPress.  Have you received WordPress badges for odd milestones?

WordPress Likes to Mock Me

I only realized recently that you can “Like” your own posts on WordPress.  I found this out when I was replying back to a comment and hit “Like” by accident.  No big deal, except that WordPress will mock you Carly Simon style for doing this.

  Come on WP!  If I don’t like myself, how can I expect others to like me?

Dear WordPress

Dear WordPress,

While I appreciate that I get to blog here for free and you’re so much more attractive than the other blogging sites out there, do you think you can do something about the fact that lately, when I  hit  the Save Draft button,  you completely delete everything I just typed up instead of saving it?

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About a month ago,  Drew Kail nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award (VBA). If you want to know more about the award, check out my previous post. Earlier this week, another blogger, Ranting on the Lolo has passed the honor unto this blog.  So I though this would be a good time to highlight some of the blogs on my blogroll and nominate a few more bloggers that I didn’t know about the first time a VBA came my way. Continue reading