Spotlight Awards 2013: Reader’s Picks

Hello everyone!  I still cannot believe that 2013 is almost over.  I couldn’t let 2013 slip away without awarding a round of Spotlight Awards.  Because I’ve been a fair-weather blogger this year, I haven’t spent much time on WordPress. When I did hop on, I mostly visited blog I already followed. Therefore, I turned over the nomination process to my audience.

I want to thank all of you who took time to send me a cool blog to check out. The blogs featured in this round of Spotlight Awards have very unique themes. I’m not sure if I would have come across these blogs on my own.

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Last Call for Nominations

There is still time to nominate a blog to be featured in an upcoming post on NMNPHX.  I will handout a round of Spotlights sometime after the Christmas holiday and I am welcoming suggestions from fellow bloggers. If there a blog that you feel is awesome and could use some attention, shoot me a message between now and Dec. 23rd in the form below or leave a comment.

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December Spotlight Awards

Holy Cannoli, it’s already December? I’m still adjusting to the long stretch of holiday called Thanksgiving!  While many of you are dealing with snow and cold temperatures, I’m back to pulling out my spring sweaters for work each day. Normally I’d at least need my beige “detective” coat for the mornings and evenings, but the weather has been more mild than usual with highs hovering near the 80 degree Fahrenheit mark.

I also get to celebrate the fact that I lived another year this weekend and kick-start the next year.  Yes, this is my birthday weekend.  With the buildup to Christmas and then New Year’s over the next 30 days I try to stretch my birthday out over the whole month.  Why? Because I can. Now back to the point of this post. Continue reading

July Spotlight

Guess what? It’s time to unveil the NMNPHX Spotlight Awards!  I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats wondering when this will happen and who will be featured in the inaugural round of the Spotlight Awards.  Well, you can all stop chewing your fingernails in anticipation because this is happening NOW! Continue reading