Unstrung Magazine Summer Issue

Hi there!

Quick post today.  The Summer 2014 issue of Unstrung Magazine, published by the Arizona Consortium for the Arts, was published this weekend. I have a couple of poems in this issue. Below is the link if you care to check it out.


Happy reading!

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Style

For today’s post, I turned to the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge.  The Two Cents Tuesday Challenge is presented by Across the Bored.  Each Tuesday, blogger Ideflex presents a topic for bloggers to interpret and comment on as a blog post in one’s own blog.  Feeling uninspired by the Daily Post writing prompts, I decided to try my hand at this challenge.

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Poem Published

Hello everyone!  I have some exciting news.  I was published today on the front of Zouch Magazine!  I took a blog post from June, and re-worked/tinkered/re-arranged it until it looked, felt and sounded like the beautiful poem I knew it could be.

I love the photo they paired with my poem.  I would love to hear what you guys think of my work.  The static link to my poem is:


Writing Challenge turns to Silence as a Defense Mechanism

Hello everyone!  Another Sunday is upon us to kick off the week.  I thought I would share an interesting writing challenge posted by fellow blogger howanxious over at the 20 Lines or Less blog.  I thought this was a really clever writing exercise to get the creative juices flowing. 

Open Book Challenge

Step I- Take out your favorite book. Bring it up to your laptop/PC.

Step II- Open a random page of the book, any page.

Step III- Give a quick glance over the page and read loudly the first phrase/word/line you catch.

Step IV- Repeat that particular phrase/word/line in your mind. Think about it deeply.

Step V- Write a poem or any other writing piece. The title for the poem or the theme of your poem/writing piece is going to be that particular phrase/word/line.

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Weekend Plans: Yard Work Edition

Get organized. Go to sleep.

Got to get up early

to beat the summer heat.

Up at sunrise, with coffee in hand –

Have to sort out those green leafy plants.

Sometimes it can be hard

To decide the difference between

Which plants are plants,

And which ones are weeds.

Next a small trim to the tree that hovers right over

The fence to my neighbor’s backyard

And dish-shaped channel provider.

Once it’s all done, I can reward myself with a swim.

Don’t want to wait until later,

as a monsoon might roll in.

After all that,

I can then truly say

I have the whole afternoon free

to enjoy Saturday.

Note:  I recently joined the 20 Lines or Less blogging community.  On occasion I’ll re-post my 20 Lines material over here.  Not familiar with 20 Lines or Less? Well, click on over!