One Year Anniversary Part III

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my blog this past week.  To wrap up my week-long celebration of making it to the one-year mark with this blog, I’d like to now share some words from fellow bloggers Kaitlyn and Drew about why they blog.  Feel free to share why you blog by leaving a comment below. Continue reading

One Year Anniversary, Part I

Note: This is the first of my blog entries to recognize that I made it through a year of blogging.  Next week I’ll feature blogging experiences from other bloggers to continue the celebration.  If you are a blogger and you want to contribute some words of wisdom about blogging or share with the world why you love blogging, shoot me a short message via the comment form on my About Me page by no later than Saturday June 9, 2012. 

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since I first created this blog and posted an entry.  That’s right, June 4, 2011 was the date of my first post entitled Writer’s write. And I need to write, right?   I had created the account with WordPress before Memorial Day and sat down the night of June 4 to design my blog and put something on there.

My first entry was written off the top of my head.  I sat in front of my computer and just started typing out why I wanted to write, and why this blog was an important tool to make my writing happen. Continue reading