One Lovely Blog Award

Hello everyone!  We are just more than midway through July and the next round of Spotlight Awards will be served up during the first week of August.  In the meantime, I have some other awards to give out which should get us through the home stretch until I do the August Spotlight.

Recently, I received the One Lovely Blog Award from Kaitlyn Plyley.  Kaitlyn not only runs her self-titled blog, but also the very entertaining and thoughtful Transports of Delight blog.

I want to thank Kaitlyn for the honor and encourage all of you to visit her blogs.  You won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

One Illuminating Blog

Last weekend I received a nomination from Jamie at Grandmother Musings for the Illuminating Blogger Award.   Since the rules of this award are much shorter than the other awards, I decided to go ahead draw up an acceptance post.  Besides, what better way to end the month of June than to spread some free publicity to other blogs (at least until I get my Spotlight Award up and running)? Continue reading

A Lovely and Versatile Blog

Just when I thought the celebrating would wind down on this blog (after all, I stretched out my bloggiversary to a week long event) I’ve just received 3 more blogger awards in the past week.

Continue reading