Photo Friday: View from Above Repeat

Hello there! You may have noticed my blog has been a tad slow this week.  With the holidays, I haven’t been online much and I seem to have run out of auto scheduled posts.

I thought I’d borrow a trick from the networks and re-run a Photo Friday post from April.  Even though this one is a recycled post, I’m sure it will seem new to most of you who frequent the blog.


Photo Friday: View from Above

Originally posted on April 6, 2012

Taken while standing atop bridge connecting City Scape plaza over 1st Street facing Washington.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

A quick snapshot of a sleepy side street  late afternoon in the height of the summer in Downtown Phoenix.  The Phoenix Convention Center is across the street at the east end and Central Ave, the lifeblood of  Central Phoenix, is to the west.

You can see the misting system is working in full force to provide relief to restaurant patrons brave enough to sit in the outdoor patio.  There is a car parked by a meter in every parking space available as parking is extremely hard to find in downtown.  Even putting this picture in black and white, you can still see a ray of sun hitting the glass of the first visible business at the front of the photo.

It’s about a quarter to five and the only reason I’m out and about is to head to the express bus stop, which will whisk me away from this scene of asphalt and concrete.

Check out the details of The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge here.

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Photo Friday: Public Art Compilation

I started doing Photo Friday posts in March 2012, just six months ago.  I started out with photos of public art I’d taken, then moved onto nature photos and other things.

It has been too hot to wander around the city taking pictures of  public art pieces.  At the same time I’ve noticed August has been a little slow around WordPress as we’re all trying to deal with busy summer work schedules, summer vacations and back to school.

Since I’ve picked up many more readers since starting these Photo Friday posts, I figured now would be a good time to revisit past Photo Fridays focused on public art.  Enjoy! Continue reading