Photo Friday: Dust Storm!

After the fabulous storm the area encountered on July 14, the following Saturday we had a massive dust storm or haboob – as this has become the preferred term used by local media for dust storm.

The wall of dust started around 5:00pm on Saturday, July 21.  I was able to take a few photos around Hohokam Stadium (soon to be former home of Chicago Cubs spring training) and still have time to take cover indoors before the dust flew over me.

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How the CDC Can Help You Survive your Zombie Wedding

Watch out would-be brides and grooms, the CDC says this could happen to you. 

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Hazy Days of Summer

Watch the clip here and maybe you will understand my ramblings below which pretty much describe the past week.  If you feel squemish reading about sinus problems…then you may not want to read the post.

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Commuter Chronicles #4: Plane Crash

Today’s commute was a bit more eventful than usual.  While carpooling towards the freeway, I noticed about four aircraft circling above the vicinity of Falcon Field Airport.

I thought it seemed odd that there would be a backup of air traffic as Falcon Field is a small airport.  However, from about a 1/2 mile away, it became apparent that the aircraft in question were news helicopters as several emergency vehicles were parked on the side of the road across the street from the airport.

Several areas of the lot were sectioned off with police caution tape.  At this point I didn’t know what was going on.  I figured there had to be a dead body or bodies in the lot based on how the lot was sectioned off and the number of police and fire vehicles on site.  There were news vans of 2 local stations already on-site and I could see another getting ready to approach the scene. Continue reading

Commuter Chronicles #2: Peril on the 532

The story below is a working draft of a personal narrative recounting a rather memorable trip to work one morning in 2007. This is my perspective of what happened that morning.

I knew I should have stayed home today. Those were the only thoughts running through my head as the back tire of the 30,000 lbs bus dangled over the edge of the canal. I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment to quickly thank God that this was just a standard size bus and not the ridiculously long articulated bus. That, and to block out the sound of the hyperventilating woman sitting directly behind me. Continue reading