Accidental Christmas Gift

Hello there! Late post today, I took my time getting home.  Decided to stay at work past quitting time to complete something in peace and quiet.  Earlier in the day, I got sidetracked catching up with a friend of mine who works on a different floor in the building then began re-reading the first 70 pages of Big Sur whilst sipping on coffee of the free variety.

When I pulled up in my driveway, I noticed a grocery bag hanging on the handle of my garage door.  It looked like it would contain something good.  My curiosity was piqued and I wondered who stopped by while I was meandering my way home.

Upon closer inspection, I saw the fancy green logo for specialty grocery store AJ’s embossed on the side of the bag.

Inside was a small box of fancy fudge accompanied by an envelope addressed to “Dave”.  I immediately knew, it was meant for the previous owner of the home who (according to my neighbor) relocated to the Pacific Northwest 2 years ago. Oh well. Finders keepers…

Unconventional Holiday Entertainment

I’d like to share one of my favorite holiday programs, Big Business. This is a short film by the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.  They start out selling Christmas trees door to door, and find that door to door sales are quite difficult, especially when a pitch for a big business idea to a potential customer goes horribly awry.

This is a bit different from most other holiday programs you’ll find on the television.  There is no Santa, no scramble to deliver toys to children, no sugar sweet happy ending. Just two clods selling trees and making a mess in the process.

If you have 20 minutes to spare, click below and enjoy “the story of a man who turned the other cheek – and got punched in the nose”.  FYI, Big Business is also available on Hulu.