Commuter Chronicles #11: Escape

This installment of Commuter Chronicles is an excerpt from a fiction piece I’ve been working on this summer.  The scene below takes place primarily on a bus.  I tried to use my observations from countless trips on buses to set the mood.  The story itself is unfinished but I just felt like posting a piece of it here for feedback from my fellow bloggers. 


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Commuter Chronicles #10: Signs You Should Hail a Taxi


As discovered while waiting for local route 8 at the Old Town Transit Center in San Diego.


  1. The bus driver has been sitting idle inside the bus with the doors closed for about 5 minutes.
  2. When the driver does open the doors and you try to board, he flips out and chastises you because he still has 5 minutes left of his smoke break and he needs to de-board to do this.
  3. The bus should have actually left the bus station about 3 minutes ago.
  4. It’s starting to get dark and the tourist to native ratio at the station is rapidly dwindling.
  5. You have two teens with you, that you’ve been entrusted to watch on vacation.
  6. The guy standing next to you in line with unidentifiable stains on his clothes keeps hanging up his phone that won’t stop ringing and-
  7. This same guy is telling the passenger next to him about how some guys keep calling him because they want to kill him.
My sincerest apologies to the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (SDMTS) who otherwise have done a wonderful job transporting me around San Diego County over the years.

Commuter Chronicles #9: MetroBench

This installment of Commuter Chronicles is a little different in that it isn’t about an actual experience I’ve had using public transit.  Rather, I wanted to share an interesting article I came across while reading my twitter feed over the weekend.

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Commuter Chronicles #6: Top 3

This installment of Commuter Chronicles is a short series of Top 3 lists related to commuting via public transportation.  Two of these items are from my experiences using public transportation in SoCal.  Can you guess which two those are?



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Commuter Chronicles #2: Peril on the 532

The story below is a working draft of a personal narrative recounting a rather memorable trip to work one morning in 2007. This is my perspective of what happened that morning.

I knew I should have stayed home today. Those were the only thoughts running through my head as the back tire of the 30,000 lbs bus dangled over the edge of the canal. I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment to quickly thank God that this was just a standard size bus and not the ridiculously long articulated bus. That, and to block out the sound of the hyperventilating woman sitting directly behind me. Continue reading

Commuter Chronicles #1: The Wonderful World of Public Transportation

One idea I’ve been kicking around for awhile is to weave together some of my experiences as a commuter who uses public transportation (it’s not as common here in Phoenix as it is in other major metropolitan cities).  I’m not sure if it would use these pieces as a personal narrative or if I should  use some nuggets as fodder in a fictional story.

During college, I was lucky enough to live near one of the hubs of the bus system. I often took one of the local routes from to campus and back. The savings in parking fees alone was worth it. However, local routes are slow as there are frequent stops, and there are definitely “interesting” characters along the way. I had been using the bus system off and on since grade school, but it wasn’t until college that I utilized the bus system daily. Continue reading