Double Shot of Blog Awards

Hello everyone,

Hope your September is going well.  I can’t believe we’re already 1/3 of the way through the month.  It seems like September just began!  Speaking of September, if you haven’t checked out the 5 blogs I’ve highlighted for this month, take a moment to do so after reading this post.  I also want to point out that I’ve added a page, Past Spotlight Winners, that lists by month which blogs were awarded a Spotlight.

In the meantime, I’ve received two blog awards. The first is the One Lovely Blog Award from Pat Wood over at Pat Wood Blogging.  The next award is the Beautiful Blogger Award from My Cruise Stories (which was a spotlighted blog for September).

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One Year Anniversary Part III

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my blog this past week.  To wrap up my week-long celebration of making it to the one-year mark with this blog, I’d like to now share some words from fellow bloggers Kaitlyn and Drew about why they blog.  Feel free to share why you blog by leaving a comment below. Continue reading