Published Works


Skimming at the 90’s Garage Sale/Rail Tales: Unstrung Magazine, Published July 31, 2014

Hazy_DaysZouch Magazine, Published August 23, 2012.

Published Research

Below is a sampling of my research work that has been published:

“In Dubious Battle” and “East of Eden” Study Guides: Martha Heasley Cox Center for John Steinbeck Studies Published October 2009.


Co-authored two reading guides for the Steinbeck in the Schools project. The project provides comprehensive resources for students and teachers to connect to the works of John Steinbeck.


Consumer Perceptions of Direct to Consumer Prescription Drug Advertisements and its Implications for FDA Oversight: Perspectives in Public Affairs, Published April 2005.

This article examines consumer perceptions regarding information presented in prescription drug advertisements to investigate how consumers interpreted information contained in drug advertisements.


Innovations in Citizen Participation in Local Performance Measurement: 

Urban Excerpts, Arizona State University Downtown Connection Published March 2005.
Not available online.


Article summarizing best practices in utilizing public participation to strengthen municipal performance measurement programs. Case study research summarized in this article was incorporated into the Public Involvement and Performance Measurement report published through the Arizona State University School of Public Affairs.


Other Projects

The projects below are things I have my name attached to but did not author the content.

The Federalist: with Letters of Brutus (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought). Edited by: Dr. Terence Ball. Cambridge University Press (June 23, 2003).

I was a fact-checker for many of the footnotes in this textbook. During the Fall 2001 semester of my bachelor’s program at Arizona State University, I served as a Junior Fellow for the Political Science department. Which meant that I basically worked as a research assistant, and Dr. Ball was the professor I worked under. It involved many hours of checking citations and footnotes against the original works cited to ensure the information cited in the footnote was accurate. Phew! Believe me, that was as exhausting to type out as it was to do the actual work! But the experience helped me tremendously later on when I had to conduct my own research in grad school which required countless hours in dusty libraries tracking down books so old they aren’t found in any online catalog.

7 thoughts on “Published Works

  1. Nicole, you are an interesting child, I must say. And a pretty little thing too! And, you’ve got a fine brain. I am happy that you nudged me with the kind award so that I stumbled on over here for a visit. I intend to keep an old eye on your work. I thought I’d read all of Steinbeck’s work. Now, you tell me that I have missed the journals. Thank you. I’m on my way to follow the links to discover what you have to say. 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words! I was so happy to be a part of the Steinbeck project. I never knew he was such a prolific author until I saw the list of works that needed to be covered for this project.

  2. Nicole, congratulations on your published works and book reviews. Your a talented person, work hard and you deserve recognition. That must have been an arduous task, going through and checking citations and footnotes against the original but as in many cases and in different ways, being stretched a little does one good and the discipline helps to expand one’s experience and capabilities. Very well done, Nicole. SN.


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