Year in Review 2013

I can’t believe 2013 is almost over!  This year truly seemed to whiz by like a…well I can’t think of a good analogy.  Anyhow, just as I did last year, I took some time this week to check out my stats on this site over the past year.  Now, I understand I wasn’t as prolific with my blog posts as I was in 2012, but I have to say I was surprised that my top viewed posts in 2013 were posts I wrote in 2012. Continue reading


Commuter Chronicles #13: Extra Lighting

A few months back, in the height of the summer, I spotted this light rail passenger sitting at the stop with presumably a new purchase.

Light Rail Lamp


From my vantage point across the street, it looked like a lamp.  I was so glad to be taking the express bus home instead of the light rail that day.  The light rail trains are usually packed at that hour. I was stunned when this woman found enough space to squeeze into the train with the over-sized lamp.

Spam Comment of the Week: December 8

I haven’t had too many interesting spam comments come through WordPress these days.  Luckily, I did find this one which piqued my interest.

Website 99

Sincerely Yours! I read your article named “Snappy Answers to Several Tweets | NMNPHX” on a regular basis. Your humoristic style is spectacular, keep it up!  And you can see our website about 99 (characters I can’t translate).  

Dang, I had hoped that last sentence would read “And you can see our website about 99 Luftballoons” but sadly I have no idea what those characters mean.

And the Word of the Year Is…

While the minds at Oxford and Merriam Webster have already chosen selfie and science respectively as the 2013 words of the year, the word that stuck in my head this year was graupel. Just when I thought my local news stations were done replacing the simplistic descriptions of weather phenomena with more worldly terms, they pulled out this gem in February 2013. Continue reading

Must See Holiday TV

Last December, in the post Unconventional Holiday Entertainment, I shared that one of my favorite holiday programs was the short film Big Business featuring Laurel and Hardy.  Since Thanksgiving passed here in the United States on November 28, some type of yearly Christmas special can be found each night of the week on TV. In addition, nearly every TV show in production will air a holiday themed episode.  But for many people, watching the same holiday program from years past becomes a ritual that adds to the celebratory mood of the season. Continue reading

Spotlight Nominations

Due to my neglect of this blog in 2013, it has been a long, long time since I’ve done a Spotlight post.  If you are new to the blog, I used to have a monthly post where I’d hand out Spotlight Awards to blogs I thought were cool and might be of interest to others.

Continue reading

Two Cents Tuesday: Writing

For today’s blog post, I’ve picked up my inspiration from the Two Cents Tuesday challenge posted on Across the Bored. It is more than likely a new challenge will be posted today, but I subscribe to the “better late than never” philosophy and feel compelled to participate in the challenged that is now expiring.

Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily Post is Let There Be Light. The point of the challenge is to feature a light source.  For my entry, I’ve gone a more abstract direction. The photo below was created using very traditional light sources in a nondescript location at night. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this photo and have just been hanging on to it, but when I saw the topic of this post, I knew this photo was meant for this challenge.

Photo0104 - Copy

A December to Remember 2013

This time last year, I was feeling a bit burned out from maintaining this blog.  I do enjoy maintaining a presence on WordPress, but more and more I have found it difficult to blog regularly.  Last December, I vowed to make December the most awesome month of blogging on NMNPHX for my readers. You know, give my audience a December to Remember. Continue reading

Snappy Answers to Several Tweets

I used to love reading Mad Magazine’s feature Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions as a teen.  With a shortage of humorous spam to mock, I came up with a variation on Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.  Its just one of those fun word games I’ve devised for myself to get myself into writing mode.

Below are recent tweets in my Twitter feed. Many times while browsing Twitter, I will get the urge to blurt out short answers to tweets, especially those posed as questions. I’ve never tweeted back my answers and most likely never will. Instead, I’ll share a batch here.




Just don’t go. 


Not really. 


Rancid grapes.

Design Milk


Josh and Chuck

kale, food trend, even less enjoyable (okay I did tweet that one).


Yeah for Fitzgerald!  And just to be clear, we’re not talking about the 60 Minutes Mike Wallace, are we?

Quail Run

This week, I have yet another post highlighting some of the wildlife that crosses through my backyard.  I do have many different types of birds that cross through the neighborhood. One of my favorite birds to observe is the Gambel’s Quail. Gambel’s Quails, named after 19th century naturalist William Gambel, are primarily found in the Southwestern United States. They are ground foragers and eat mostly plant matter (i.e. seeds, leaves, etc…) though juveniles tend to eat insects as well. 

The first two photos below are of a male quail.  Males have a mask-like appearance on their faces and copper colored feathers on the tops of their heads.

039 041

Typically, these quails will travel in packs as a family unit.  At the beginning of summer, many new quails were spotted running around the yard with their parents.  Below, I was able to snap a photo of a female Gamble’s Quail with her two chicks.