So…it’s been awhile.

Hello fellow bloggers! After a 7 year break, I decided to dust off the old laptop and jump back into the world of WordPress. A lot has happened in the past 7 years. I started this blog back in June 2011 initially as a way to work on creative writing pieces. Once in the WordPress community, I discovered there were so many possibilities to express my creativity beyond mere words and used this blog to experiment with various artforms.

One thing that I truly enjoyed during the 3 years of activity was the community and support I found through this blog. Not long after creating this site, I had family issues to work through and this blog became a significant way for me to work through the grieving process after my grandmother became unexpectedly ill in the summer of 2011. Her health and livelihood quickly degraded over the next 8 months until she eventually passed away in the spring of 2012. During the time, we never received a solid answer as to what caused her downfall and I had to step in and help take care of her for most of those 8 months while also holding down a full time job.

Looking back on that time, not only did the grieving process take longer than I’d like to admit, but I wasn’t happy with my career either. I had a good job that utilized my skill sets-and I was good at what I did, but I didn’t have any particular ambition. To some extent I felt I was going through the motions and just floating along. This blog was something that gave me focus, and I did publish a few pieces of poetry during this time- as well as create a spec script that I entered into a competition.

Once I gained traction with my writing, I was spending less time on this blog. I had started to find some direction in terms of my personal and professional growth. In 2015, I switched jobs and have quickly progressed forward in my current organization. Which is great, but I put a pause on creative pursuits during this time. Now I’m at a point where I’ve found some clarity in my professional growth, and am now ready to resume creative growth.

So- I’m back. I’m not sure right now how often I’ll post. My goal is at least once a week.

I’m curious how many of you who never unfollowed me are still active here on WordPress. In time I’ll visit your blogs and get back into the WP community. I hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy in these uncertain times. Hasta luego!

Eerie red/orange glow of the sun at 4pm – Fall 2020.

Unconventional Holiday Entertainment

I’d like to share one of my favorite holiday programs, Big Business. This is a short film by the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.  They start out selling Christmas trees door to door, and find that door to door sales are quite difficult, especially when a pitch for a big business idea to a potential customer goes horribly awry.

This is a bit different from most other holiday programs you’ll find on the television.  There is no Santa, no scramble to deliver toys to children, no sugar sweet happy ending. Just two clods selling trees and making a mess in the process.

If you have 20 minutes to spare, click below and enjoy “the story of a man who turned the other cheek – and got punched in the nose”.  FYI, Big Business is also available on Hulu.

I must be on a roll – 2nd blogger this month that has listed one of my blog posts as a related article. This is an interesting post about thunder and also a reminder not to keep pets and kids locked up in cars during the summer. Enjoy!

Dr. Sherry E. Showalter - "Keepin It Real"

Seems now everyday we are hearing that rolling thunder, soon followed by the lightning and the torrential rains here.
I thought I could set my watch by it last week, as it began just in time for those on the roads heading home from work; lasting from minutes to hours, to all day long!
The thunder beings at play as they rolled, calling the lightning to dance across the skies and from cloud to cloud, then pierce those clouds in a swift moment and the rains come down with intensity.
The grass is greener than green and growing so quickly I think I need a goat to catch up!
Oh the rains, the HEAT, the days of summer getting going around the country.
Some need rain, some are raining frogs, and others are under a No water, no fires no where for fear of impending disasters.
We are even hearing…

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In case you want to join in on the competition, here is the 20 Lines Weekly Photo Challenge. Submit a photo of Nature/The Great Outdoors by posting your entry to your blog, then leaving a comment with a link to your blog post at
Tim will post your entry to the site and at the end of the week, the entry with the most “Likes” at 20 Lines has bragging rights of winning the challenge. So try it!

Happy Friday everyone! Ledia over at Exploration Art recently posted an article about artist Janet Echelman, creator of the “Her Secret is Patience” sculpture I blogged about a couple of weeks ago (it’s the last Photo Friday entry – if you click on Photo Friday on my Category sidebar you’ll quickly find it).

Her article includes a 10 minute TED video of the artist discussing how she came up with her idea for this and similar sculptures around the globe. At about the 8:10 mark, Janet speaks about “Her Secret is Patience”. After watching the video and reading Ledia’s article, I did have a better understanding of what the artist was trying to achieve with this sculpture.

Ledia also listed my blog post as a related article, so this re-blog is partly shameless self-promotion on my part. 🙂


Ledia Runnels' "Exploration of Art"

Janet Echelman found her true voice as an artist when her paints went missing — which forced her to look to an unorthodox new art material. Now she makes billowing, flowing, building-sized sculpture with a surprisingly geeky edge. A transporting 10 minutes of pure creativity.

Why you should listen to her:

Janet Echelman builds living, breathing sculpture environments that respond to the forces of nature — wind, water and light— and become inviting focal points for civic life.

Exploring the potential of unlikely materials, from fishing net to atomized water particles, Echelman combines ancient craft with cutting-edge technology to create her permanent sculpture at the scale of buildings. Experiential in nature, the result is sculpture that shifts from being an object you look at, to something you can get lost in.

Recent prominent works include “Her Secret is Patience”, which spans two city blocks in downtown Phoenix,  “

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Hey everyone! Kaitlyn over at Transports of Delight posted some interesting commentary on a news story I had sent her recently where a train driver in New York was caught reading a newspaper…while driving the train. Check out her post and leave a few comments on her blog if you’ve ever observed something similar. Happy Monday!

Photo Friday: Sundown at San Diego Bay

Pair of photos taken March 2010 at Seaport Village in San Diego.   I was walking from one end of the boardwalk to the other and snapped shots of the sun setting over San Diego Bay towards the same general direction but from two different spots along the boardwalk.  I thought it was interesting how different the color and tint in each picture came out from the other picture.