Year in Review 2013

I can’t believe 2013 is almost over!  This year truly seemed to whiz by like a…well I can’t think of a good analogy.  Anyhow, just as I did last year, I took some time this week to check out my stats on this site over the past year.  Now, I understand I wasn’t as prolific with my blog posts as I was in 2012, but I have to say I was surprised that my top viewed posts in 2013 were posts I wrote in 2012.

2012-12-13 to Today

Title Views
CBS, Fox, NBC or the Mouse House: Who Has the Best NFL Theme Music? 655
Home page / Archives 641
Ten Tips for Surviving the First Semester of College 272
Mad Libbing a Blog Post: Why Do People Like Quotes? 94

Boy, I wasn’t the only person curious about the theme music played for NFL games across various networks!  The post at the top, CBS, Fox, NBC or the Mouse House: Who Has the Best NFL Theme Music?, received views almost daily throughout 2013.  Ten Tips for Surviving the First Semester of College was also heavily viewed, received traffic weekly in 2013.  Mad Libbing a Blog Post: Why Do People Like Quotes? received decent traffic. Well I guess I know what topics I should revisit in 2014!

While I thoroughly enjoyed crafting these posts, if I had to pick a favorite blog post from 2013, it would be Photo Friday: Gilbert Riparian Preserve Part I and Photo Friday: Gilbert Riparian Preserve Part II.  I had received a digital camera for Christmas, and the preserve was the first place I really tried using my camera.  I’m still learning how to use the thing, but I was pleased with the photos and I had such a good time looking over the photos and writing about all the neat things to see at the preserve.

Next, I took a look at search terms that led people to the blog.  Just about every other search term was some variation of the words NFL theme music. See below. This is just a smattering of the search terms used regarding NFL theme music.  There are about 25 more that I won’t bother to list.

Considering the search term phoenix 1950 + outdoor sculptures ranked high on views, I was surprised the posts Photo Friday: Rosson House and Photo Friday: Her Secret Is Patience were not among the top viewed posts this year.

Search Views
phoenix 1950 + outdoor sculptures 42
best nfl theme songs 7
swimming pool 6
best nfl theme song 5
exit sign 5
mcdonalds oatmeal commercial 5
nfl theme song 4
1337 likes wordpress 4
who wrote the nfl theme song 4
$85 beer 4
snow queen herberger 4
why people like quotes 4
why do people like quotes 3
surviving the first week of college 3 themesong 3
tailgate toga party gray maine 3
why do people like quotes? 3
nfl football theme music 3

In the snapshot of search terms above, I’m stumped as to how tailgate toga party gray maine directed anyone to my blog.  Other interesting search terms that stumped me included: wally dug value, frankenstein, and can u hail a taxi in palm springs.  

For most searches, I was able to figure out what post the search term would have directed someone to but at the same time, the terms below seemed funny.


rosson house intercom

man carried away in hot air balloon

bus driver taking 5 minute smoke break san diego

” i grew hemp”

creating a pirate ship from a grocery cart

gnomes riparian preserve

Last but certainly not least, I took a look at the views of my blog from across the globe. In 2013, my blog received views from no less than 75 different nations.  I am just amazed by that statistic alone.  I hope to increase that number in 2014!

Well fellow bloggers, have you taken a look at your yearly stats? Did you find any surprises or insights from these stats that will motivate you in 2014?  Let’s discuss it in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Year in Review 2013

  1. I try not to look at stats EXCEPT when I see that bar graph sadly low on a particular day or month that makes me feel sad. 😦 But in general, I’m just always amazed that people find my blog at all. The internet is an amazing place ……

    • I like looking at the detail for a substantial amount of time. I gave up on the daily/weekly look this year because my blogging scheduled was so sporadic. The internet is truly an amazing place.


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