Must See Holiday TV

Last December, in the post Unconventional Holiday Entertainment, I shared that one of my favorite holiday programs was the short film Big Business featuring Laurel and Hardy.  Since Thanksgiving passed here in the United States on November 28, some type of yearly Christmas special can be found each night of the week on TV. In addition, nearly every TV show in production will air a holiday themed episode.  But for many people, watching the same holiday program from years past becomes a ritual that adds to the celebratory mood of the season.

So with that in mind, what holiday special do you look forward to watching every year? Is it an old TV special that only airs once a year, like Charlie Brown Christmas or a holiday episode of a TV show? Is it a movie? Or do you skip the small and big screens altogether and head out to the theater to see The Nutcracker?

Share your favorites in the comments below.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the Christmas episode from Season 2 of Keeping up Appearances. Sure, it will probably air soon on your local PBS station if you are in the U.S. but why wait to watch it?


5 thoughts on “Must See Holiday TV

  1. We made a christmas section on our video shelf and have been filling it in over time with all our favourites – I never tire of most of them. There haven’t been any really recent ones that I would consider classics though…

  2. Hey Nicole, I have a liking for the feel-good Christmas message type movies and the many films based on Scrooge. I think I’m becoming sentimental in my old age heh heh!

      • After much thought, it came down to just two versions. The one with Alastair Sim and the other with Patrick Stewart.
        I think in the end….it’s Patrick Stewart but I’ll always watch the other versions as I do get pleasure from them.
        I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year, Nicole,
        All the very best, James 🙂

      • That is interesting. My uncle’s favorite version happens to be the one with Alastair Sim. For a few years, I remember my uncle kept raving about the version featuring Alastair Sim. I believe we finally obtained a DVD copy of it about 10 years ago.

        As for myself, I still enjoy watching the animated Mickey’s Christmas Carol. It was the first version of A Christmas Carol that I ever saw. I think I was six or seven when I became aware that this was a classic story long before Disney got a hold of it.


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