Spotlight Nominations

Due to my neglect of this blog in 2013, it has been a long, long time since I’ve done a Spotlight post.  If you are new to the blog, I used to have a monthly post where I’d hand out Spotlight Awards to blogs I thought were cool and might be of interest to others.

As part of the December to Remember celebration, I’d like to include a round of Spotlight Awards.  However, I have not spent much time discovering new blogs in 2013, so I need some help.  From now until December 15, I will take nominations from readers for blogs that are awesome and need exposure to as many people as possible.

Feel free to nominate a blog (and it’s totally cool if you want to self-nominate your own blog) by entering the blog URL in the comments section OR you can shoot me a message using the contact form below.

While I don’t have a tangible award or prize to hand out, the Spotlight Award is a little extra publicity for a blog.  There is a lot of great content out here in WordPress land, and many times great blogs do not find their way in front of many eyeballs.

Do check out past winners from link above and familiarize yourself with the Spotlight Award.



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