Two Cents Tuesday: Writing

For today’s blog post, I’ve picked up my inspiration from the Two Cents Tuesday challenge posted on Across the Bored. It is more than likely a new challenge will be posted today, but I subscribe to the “better late than never” philosophy and feel compelled to participate in the challenged that is now expiring.

For this challenge, blogger Ideflex posed the question:

What form does writing take for you?

For me, writing is a very involved activity.  I would estimate I sit and hand write with pen and paper probably more often than your average person plodding through life in this digital environment we’re enveloped in.  Clearly, I use technology to write, otherwise this blog would not exist. However, I’ve never gotten used to ditching pen and paper in favor of technology.

Throughout my college years, I steadfastly held onto my spiral bound notebook and Pentel pens even as laptops crept into the classroom and the sound of pens scrawling against pieces of bleached wood were replaced by the tap tap tapping of computer keys.  While my classmates were pre-occupied with surfing the ‘net or checking email when taking notes got boring, I opted to scribble drawings of trees and create stupid little comic strips in the margins of my notes for economics.

Today, I find it hard to create any piece of writing without sketching it out on paper first. That includes posts for this blog.  Many of the articles I’ve posted on this site originated as a handwritten entity in my notebook.


Does it take more time and effort to write by hand? Well yes, and I have the callous to prove.  But for me, this is the process I rely on to get my thoughts flowing before I open up my laptop and start typing.

What about you? What form does writing take for you? Do you spend most of your time texting? Emailing? Or do you still breakout your #2 pencil and write by hand?

Hollywood still relies on handwriting!

4 thoughts on “Two Cents Tuesday: Writing

  1. Hey Nicole, I’ve got to admit that I was a stout pen and paper man but the advantages of writing with a keyboard appealed to me because one can correct and edit. Initially, I found it hard to adjust to a keyboard but I’m so glad I did, the number of times I had to re-write stuff by hand was very time consuming and frustrating but I took all my uni class notes by hand though, just writing up the reports on the computer.
    Now I never write by hand (unless the printer breaks or I run out of ink lol). I dislike mobile phones so I don’t text at all (the last text I sent was a few years ago ha ha!) and I avoid using them if possible.
    Merry Christmas Nicole, have a great time! All the best for the new year!
    James 😉

    • HI James! Always good to hear from you. That is awesome that you were able to move completely over to writing on computer. As for myself, I don’t necessarily write out entire pieces by hand, usually just a few paragraphs or pages, depending on what it is. It is hard for me to sit in front of a computer and just start typing. Writing by hand is my warm up. Once I am on a roll, then I can move over to my laptop, type out what I’ve written so far and continue.

      I think it goes back to when I was younger and had to use a word processor/typewriter, which was harder to go back and edit if I made a mistake. So I had to make sure my school work was written out before I typed it up. 😦 I got used to outlining and drafting on paper. I didn’t have a computer until my senior year of high school.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion on writing by hand vs. computer!

  2. I only ever write by hand these days when I want to take some quick notes or jot down a to-do list, otherwise I mostly type away on my computer. I’m not too fond of texting, but I recognize that it’s almost a necessity these days!

    Kudos to you for sticking with paper and pen. 🙂

    • Hey Zen! Good to hear from you. Thank you for the kudos. I think most people think I’m just insane. As I mentioned to James in the previous comment, I usually just hand write the draft of whatever piece of writing I am working on. Then I’ll switch over to typing it out when I’m a few pages in. I just find it easier to get started on paper and finish up on the computer.

      That being said, with this goal of mine to post daily or almost daily for the month of December, I haven’t had the time to sit and draft out blog posts by hand. Overall, I do feel my more inspired pieces of writing happen on paper. It’s just one of my quirks.


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