A December to Remember 2013

This time last year, I was feeling a bit burned out from maintaining this blog.  I do enjoy maintaining a presence on WordPress, but more and more I have found it difficult to blog regularly.  Last December, I vowed to make December the most awesome month of blogging on NMNPHX for my readers. You know, give my audience a December to Remember.

Because I’ve slacked off quite a bit in 2013, I’ve decided to re-instate a December to Remember.  What does this mean? In a nutshell, expect a brand new post everyday throughout the month of December.  I’ll try my best to entertain, inform and spark discussions of whatever random things catch my interest during the month.

So why pick December, you might ask? Well, I have a few reasons. First of all, December easily lends itself to celebration with the holidays in full gear.  My birthday is today (December 1), so for me, December is a special month. I love the fact that my birthday falls smack in the middle of the holiday season because people in general want to be festive, so it helps make my birthday that much more fun, especially during years where I’m too busy to plan anything beforehand.

For many people, December leads right into a time of reflection as many of us are thinking about how we spent this past year and how we’d like to make the next year even better.

I hope you all will join me this month in making this a December to Remember.


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