Snappy Answers to Several Tweets

I used to love reading Mad Magazine’s feature Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions as a teen.  With a shortage of humorous spam to mock, I came up with a variation on Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.  Its just one of those fun word games I’ve devised for myself to get myself into writing mode.

Below are recent tweets in my Twitter feed. Many times while browsing Twitter, I will get the urge to blurt out short answers to tweets, especially those posed as questions. I’ve never tweeted back my answers and most likely never will. Instead, I’ll share a batch here.




Just don’t go. 


Not really. 


Rancid grapes.

Design Milk


Josh and Chuck

kale, food trend, even less enjoyable (okay I did tweet that one).


Yeah for Fitzgerald!  And just to be clear, we’re not talking about the 60 Minutes Mike Wallace, are we?


2 thoughts on “Snappy Answers to Several Tweets

  1. I had completely forgotten about Mad Magazine’s stupid answers – I think that’s where I formed my sense of humour too… just love your answers especially “not really” and “unnecessary”… I don’t even look at my spam anymore, most of it is in japanese….

    • Haha – most of my spam, at least the spam I receive on WordPress, is in Russian. Mad Magazine, at least during the Bill Gaines years, was one of my favorite publications to read.


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