You Can’t Watch These Shows…Yet

I came across this item today while perusing the news.  The PBS affiliate WNET came up with a rather clever campaign to drum up support for their station by developing posters for fake reality shows…and then making fun of these shows.

In all, 5 posters were developed featuring non-existent reality shows.  Avert your eyes to the right, and you are greeted with the tagline “The fact that you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV”.

After taking a look at all 5 posters, my favorite of the bunch was Knitting Wars, with the tagline “It’s Sew On”.  I know WNET developed these as a dig at some of the less than stellar shows on TV, but I could see some of these fake shows as upcoming movie plots as well. I am willing to be some movie exec has a script sitting in a pile on their desk with similar concepts.

Take a quick break and give yourself a laugh by checking out all 5 posters:


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