A Spring Break from Blogging

Hey there fellow bloggers! By now you have noticed that I have been MIA from this blog.

2013 has been a productive year and though I have enjoyed blogging, it just has not been a priority for me these days. I do plan to continue blogging in the near future, probably in June.

See you all then,


P.S. Enjoy the wild flowers!




16 thoughts on “A Spring Break from Blogging

    • Thanks James! I am just grateful many of my fellow bloggers are still interested in my work even though I have dropped off the WordPress universe. Take care!

    • I won’t forget you guys! That is why I felt compelled to post this. I’ll still visit your blog during my hiatus. It has just taken me awhile to organize my time this year. Take care!

    • Those flowers are all from my backyard! It was a welcome surprise to have a meadow of wildflowers spring up this year.

      I have to give you some credit here. I recently bought an iPod touch. I have to say it took me very little time to figure out how to use it because I had been reading your blog. In fact, I created and published this post via the WordPress app. πŸ™‚

      • Oh, that makes me feel so good that I was even a little bit of help to you. The flowers are in your backyard! How wonderful. Here in PA, we are still dealing with winter. Brrrr. Cold and no flowers … yet. Soon, I hope!

    • Hi Pat! Thank you for the comment. I do think this break will give me time to craft plenty of articles. I will stop by your blog and check in here and there in the meantime. I miss you too!

    • Ah thanks! I may start blogging a bit sooner on the unfrazzled analyst blog as I have plenty going on in the workplace to sort my thoughts about. I was battling a sinus infection the past few weeks which stalled my progress most things.


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