Spam Comment of the Week: January 14 2013

I’m not sure, but this might possibly be a cry for help.

ScreenHunter_07 Dec. 31 14.11

Thus, our shelves finish up filed with problems that we get pleasure from.

2 Possibilities:

1) This is a comment from some type of super smart Burberry bag that can at least type on the computer and has issues with deriving pleasure from pain or

2) This is a person with a serious shopping addiction to Burberry bags and has shelves overflowing with nothing but Burberry bags.

7 thoughts on “Spam Comment of the Week: January 14 2013

  1. Conversely, this could be a marketing spam-bot, trying to con you into filling your shelves with Burberry bags that you will get pleasure from owning, but will have problems paying for.

    • I just hopped on over to the Burberry site. Their bags are over $1,000 USD on up? And most of the bags look like something I could purchase at Kohl’s for $20.

      You are so right about the problems stemming from the price. I personally can’t imagine I’d be able to enjoy owning a purse that cost more than my monthly mortgage payment.


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