Spam Comment of the Week: January 7 2013

Hello!  Hope you enjoy the first Spam Comment of the Week for 2013.

I can only assume that the comment below is describing issues with some type of hair product.

ScreenHunter_06 Dec. 31 14.10

When I received this, the pump was broken which was unfortunate.  However, I love this product for extremely curly hair. Don’t use too much or your hair looks greasy. 

Um, thanks? It took me awhile to figure out what in the world you were talking about since 1) I’ve never blogged about hair and 2) YOU DON’T EVEN MENTION WHAT PRODUCT YOU RECEIVED.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who abruptly switches topics without a lead in? You know, say you are talking to your neighbor about the weather and he/she says something like “yeah I’m glad they found the missing dog”.  You’re standing around thinking  what? What dog? Did a dog get lost in the rainstorm we were just talking about seconds ago? Those conversations are quite annoying, much like your spam comment.

Oh, and another thing.  Too much of any hair product will make your hair look greasy.  Duh!



6 thoughts on “Spam Comment of the Week: January 7 2013

  1. haha,
    A: “Wow, you look beautiful in that dress!”
    B: “Yeah, I know, the garbage is off limits, I wonder when the cleaning men will show up and clear em”
    A: :O

    Conversation “off” Line!

  2. I’m trying to play blog-catch-up too. I hope you don’t think that there are real live people who might exist to direct your funny comments at. I had a non sequitur aunt who spoke like that, all the time. She would start in the middle of a conversation, and work towards each end (We think.), never actually arriving at a conclusion. I referred to you in my latest blog, though not by name, so your secrets are still safe. Happy New year.

    • LOL – no I don’t believe there are actual spammers out there reading this but it just makes me feel better to imagine I can answer them back.

      I will have to make a visit sometime soon to see what the reference is about. Good to hear from you!


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