Funny Weather 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like…winter.

Everywhere you go.

Take a look at the frost and then,

Try not to slide and fall when

Your foot slips in the puddle of overnight rain.

2012 has been a funny year for weather, and late fall/early winter is no exception.

The past month has felt unseasonably warm, even by Phoenix standards. Daytime highs even as recent as two weeks ago were in the low 80s.  As of this week, we started slipping to daytime highs of about 60, with overnight hard freeze warnings for outlying areas.  I finally got to pull out my coats and jackets.

I’m just glad I live in the desert. Northern elevations in AZ experienced below zero degree F temps last night.

Assuming the world doesn’t end on December 21st, we can celebrate the first official day of winter instead.

Some of you have been shivering for weeks, so instead of talking winter and other cold things, I thought I’d present a couple of humorous clips for your weather enjoyment.

In this clip, an LA news station quickly learns weather-casters should be given a geography exam before going on air.

In this next clip, a Danish news-station realizes a growing need to implement workplace harassment workshops for its robot employees.

That is all for today! Happy winter!


8 thoughts on “Funny Weather 2012

  1. LOL, Its great when something like these clips happen on TV or the out takes of a film. Yes I agree Nicole, the weather has been very funny this year, it seems almost like its rained every day this summer and autumn/fall too. Like you said though, Friday the 21st December is the winter solstice so days will start to get longer after that, this is what I like! 🙂 Hope Father Christmas is bringing you something nice!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is too funny. Weather is crazy. We had our hottest summer, ever, yet we had no snow all last winter. No snow this year, so far, either. Then there was Sandy, and a freak storm the year before, as well. Something is weird.


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