Accidental Christmas Gift

Hello there! Late post today, I took my time getting home.  Decided to stay at work a little later to work on something in peace and quiet since everyone else rushed home early.  Got sidetracked catching up with a friend of mine who works on a different floor in the building.  Began re-reading the first 70 pages of Big Sur whilst sipping on coffee of the free variety.

When I pulled up in my driveway, I noticed a grocery bag hanging on the handle of my garage door.  It looked like it would contain something good.  My curiosity was piqued and I wondered who stopped by while I was meandering my way home.

Upon closer inspection, I saw the fancy green logo for specialty grocery store AJ’s embossed on the side of the bag.

Purveyors of fine foods.

Inside was a small box of fancy fudge accompanied by an envelope addressed to “Dave”.  I immediately knew, it was meant for the previous owner of the home who (according to my neighbor) relocated to the Pacific Northwest 2 years ago. Oh well. Finders keepers…


9 thoughts on “Accidental Christmas Gift

  1. Usually people who send gifts (especially from ‘fine food’ joints) KNOW the person they are sending to. I mean, they are relatively up high on their list. Above the ‘card only’ line…. Good friends give gifts. So how does a good friend not know that his/her good friend moved two years ago? ha ha!

    • You think that is bad? The guy’s dad sent a Christmas card to my address last year! I get the feeling he probably distanced himself from his friends and family at some point.

      I know the previous owner was a teacher (my neighbor has been in the neighborhood awhile and filled me in), and the inside of the card read “Sorry I missed the fall play. Hope to catch the spring play!” So I’m assuming the previous owner also ran the school play. Not sure if he was an elementary, jr. high or high school teacher though.

      The front of the card was a photo card that had pictures of a large family with a small paragraph serving as a brief newsletter. The giver of the gift has a very common name, not sure if it is worth me attempting to track him down to let him know his friend doesn’t live there anymore.

      I’m sure at one point these two were probably good friends. It feels odd to get such a glimpse into a stranger’s life.

    • LOL – yeah it will go nicely with the holiday blend of coffee I bought on sale.

      Ah, the warm weather has gone fishing. What we are experiencing now is about what I’m used to this time of year…was hoping we’d have the unusually warm weather a little longer though. I was enjoying the mild mornings and evenings!

      I’m just glad the freeze didn’t hit my area because I didn’t feel like going outside to cover the plants last night, but will probably need to start doing this when I get home each night now because I have some health llantana and lavender that I am trying to keep healthy!

      • I have lavender in my yard in CO. I don’t cover it, but it does loose it’s leaves and goes dormant. In the spring it comes back bigger and fuller. At least we don’t have snow in the valley. I can see it on the mtns up toward Payson. As long as I don’t have to shovel it, I’m a happy camper!

      • Oh I know! I’m so glad I’m in the desert part of the state and not the forest. On the news this morning, they kept showing footage from Flagstaff, Window Rock and Payson with all the snow. I guess it got as cold as -8 F in Flagstaff this morning! I’ll have to remind my cousin it was a good call to go to ASU instead of NAU for college.

  2. mmmm…fudge! I love it! It certainly looks like this chap wanted to disappear, it makes one wonder. But perhaps you have chosen the wrong brand of coffee Nicole LOL? 🙂

    • LOL! Yes, I’m sure the free coffee wasn’t as smooth as – oh say the Black Ivory blend – but it served its purpose in helping me relax and keeping me warm.


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