Photo Friday: Zoo Lights

Every year, The Phoenix Zoo strings up festive lights and invites the public to tour the zoo at night.  Below are some photos from the event.


Bet you’ve never seen a peacock this bright!

Rams and Squirrel

What do you call two rams butting heads, a squirrel and a couple of bats? Yeah, I don’t know either!

Scorpion and Rattlesnake

This would be the only time a scorpion is a delightful site. 


Escargot anyone?

Tree Ornaments

Random ornaments in trees.  I…couldn’t get a better shot than this.

GnomeLook! It’s the Travelocity Roaming Gnome! Oh wait, it’s just a hired impersonator.

Despite my snarky comments above, Phoenix Zoo Lights is a favorite event in the PHX and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  If you ever find yourself in Phoenix in December, I’d highly recommend attending Phoenix Zoo Lights.

10 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Zoo Lights

  1. Zoolights is a really nice event, and definitely and easy way to see festive lights without having to drive around. I can imagine it is cold over there in the DC area this time of year. I’ve been down there in late winter/early spring (late March). I still needed my sweaters and heavy coat!. Hopefully you are able to see some lights this year, weather permitting, but if not at least you have this set of photos to look at. 🙂

  2. Once the sun goes down, it’s too cold. Yes, this comment from a Coloradoan…LOL. Looking forward for this rain to stop and the sun to come back out. I was just at Papago Park ten days ago….love that place!

    • 🙂 LOL – yes it does feel cold here occasionally, doesn’t it! It just seems like the colder weather has been slow to set in this year and I had been enjoying the 70 degree weather during the day, but it appears that is quickly coming to an end. The rain over the past few days has made it feel a little more winter-like around here.

      Yes, Papago Park is such a treasure in Phoenix! Glad to hear you spent some time there recently.


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