Small Press Life is Freshly Pressed

Hello there! I have a short post today.  Ever since Freshly Pressed was moved off of the main page and onto a tab that you can only view when logged in, I haven’t spent nearly as much time checking out Freshly Pressed blogs as a I used to. So it was a welcome surprise when I visited A Small Press Life yesterday and saw Maedez’s announcement that a recent post of hers was Freshly Pressed.  

If A Small Press Life sounds familiar, it is because the blog was one of my December Spotlight Winners.  The post that landed her fame in the WP community this week is a tribute on Pearl Harbor Day to a now deceased friend of hers who served in WWII.

I don’t want to say that my Spotlight is a good luck charm or anything, but this is the second blog that has been Freshly Pressed right after receiving my oh so prestigious Spotlight Award. The first occurrence was in August, when Live. Explore. Learn. Remember. was featured based on the blog post You Live Alone?

14 thoughts on “Small Press Life is Freshly Pressed

  1. Always handy to be a good luck charm – being a creature of (some) habits I’m not always crazy when these sites tweak their so-called “improvements”, they often make it that much harder to get to where you really want to be…

    • No joke! I had another post scheduled for today but logged in to change the posting date and create this post instead. When I logged into WP today, I was irritated to see there were more changes. Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to find my dashboard and get to my posts. 😦

      • Funny you say that – I had to contact support to get an answer to how to find my dashboard… So I told them in no uncertain terms that with all the lovely simplifications and shortcuts that they have put into place with the recent updates perhaps a direct link to the dashboard from the reader might be in the next one…
        I hate these tweakers – you shouldn’t have to click 15 times when you want to do one simple thing!

    • If I had any doubt about whether I should continue blogging, this just squelched those doubts. If nothing else, I can work my magic to to make other bloggers shine.

      Once again, congratulations!

  2. It seems that you, Nicole, is the good luck charm! 🙂 I love the second blog you have mentioned and I love those couple.

    • Aneesa and Faraaz are pretty awesome! They found me when I handed out the first Spotlight Awards back in July and I’ve been hooked on their blog ever since.

      • Yes, I agree. Those two are so sweet. I like everything Korean and would like to go to Korea soon and they post so many beautiful things about the country that made me want to go there ASAP

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