Unconventional Holiday Entertainment

I’d like to share one of my favorite holiday programs, Big Business. This is a short film by the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.  They start out selling Christmas trees door to door, and find that door to door sales are quite difficult, especially when a pitch for a big business idea to a potential customer goes horribly awry.

This is a bit different from most other holiday programs you’ll find on the television.  There is no Santa, no scramble to deliver toys to children, no sugar sweet happy ending. Just two clods selling trees and making a mess in the process.

If you have 20 minutes to spare, click below and enjoy “the story of a man who turned the other cheek – and got punched in the nose”.  FYI, Big Business is also available on Hulu.

10 thoughts on “Unconventional Holiday Entertainment

  1. I love Laurel and Hardy!! So much memorable stuff. Remember at Oxford in the maze? Always
    “another fine mess”. I’ll watch this clip later this evening when I have time for the whole thing. Thank you!

    • I grew up with a family that enjoyed the old comedy teams like Laurel and Hardy, Marx Bros, and 3 Stooges. This is one of the programs we love to gather round the TV and watch each year for the holidays.

      Hope you enjoy Big Business!

  2. I remember watching them growing up. Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories. Will watch again with my grandchildren. Have a Happy Holiday.


    • Hi Francine! I’m glad this brings back good memories for you. It’s always nice when we can find entertainment for the family to watch together.

      Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Hi Nicole, I was working in Ulverston in the Lake District UK, this was the home town of Stan Laurel. There was a week long festival in honour of his achievements and I happened to be staying with the mayor of Ulverston who also had Stan Laurel’s daughter staying with him for the festival. A very interesting week as she told us all about their life in the USA, it was great! They’re definitely my favourite comedy act of that era. Thanks for this post, Nicole. Regards SN.

      • Yes it was, it was a like a ‘wonderful, dreamy, surreal’ week. We all had dinner together every night and spent time together during the day at the festivals. We told stories and we played old Laurel and Hardy movies and clips in the evening. We became a little ‘family’ by the end of the week. When everyone went home after the festival week, I felt kind of flat for a little while as I was there for a few weeks longer. I made some good friends though!
        Cheers Nicole. 🙂

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