My Two Cents on Decorations

This week’s Two Cents Tuesday topic on Across the Bored is decorations. I’m sure by now many of you are up to your eyeballs in decorations.  Despite warm summer winds that could be felt well into early October, many of my neighbors got into the decorating spirit as soon as the first day of fall hit.  After all, Christmas doesn’t hold a monopoly on decorating!

First came the Halloween decorations. Lights, pumpkins, big giant inflatable spiders…the decorations at many homes were almost as elaborate as Christmas displays. Knowing I wouldn’t be home to pass out candy on Halloween, I skipped the decorations at my house so as not to confuse trick or treaters.

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Come on in and get some candy…that is, if you can find your way past the decorations to get to the candy bowl. 

Come November 1, those spiders, ghosts and jack o’ lanterns went away in favor of non carved pumpkins, fall wreaths and scarecrows.

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Pumpkins and gourds and scarecrows, oh my! I guess this means Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Meanwhile, various Dia de los Muertos celebrations were happening in various parts of the metropolis, so candied skulls and skeletons donning colorful wardrobes could be spotted through November 2.

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Although the holiday isn’t as widely observed in the Southwestern U.S. as it is in Mexico, it is well known enough that many municipalities in the Phoenix area host Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead celebrations.  It complements the religious All Souls Day/ All Saints Day observations.  The passage from October to November marks a time where one can reflect upon, pray for, and celebrate loved ones that have passed away.

As for myself, I added a few fall touches to the interior of my home.  I was a sucker for these adorable turkey candle holders as well as the rustic looking pumpkin candle holders to arrange around a fall bouquet on my dining room table.

Slatkin and Co. Turkey Mini Candle Sleeve

These were my fall decorating splurges.

But before many of us even bought our turkeys to cook up on Thanksgiving, malls everywhere were breaking out the Christmas decorations and lining kids up to speak to Santa.

Yeah, I know. I already posted this photo for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Green.  But it is fitting for this post as well. I snapped this on Nov.3 outside J.C. Penney’s at my local mall. Santa didn’t even get to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast before taking toy orders.

I waited until this past weekend to string up the Christmas lights, put up the tree and refreshed my wreaths.  Although as I type this, I’m also staring at a bookshelf in my living room still sporting mini pumpkins and a vase full of sparkly orange sticks and fall flowers. Okay, so I haven’t quite removed all signs of fall. It’s just as well, it feels like springtime outside right now.

057 059

Even if I do nothing else for the holidays, I do enjoy making my own festive wreaths.  

Once December 26th rolls around, many of us are presented with the awkward time period between Christmas and New Year’s.  Do we pack up all our Christmas stuff? Should be bother decorating for New Year’s?

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If you are hosting a New Year’s event at your place of residence, you might as well leave the Christmas tree up.  Just add champagne glasses and gold streamers. 

Many of us will rush to pack up our holiday decorations while others will work well into January to box away our 2012 holiday memories, knowing our homes will look so empty once all the holiday stuff goes away.


Back to non-seasonal home decorating. Ho hum.

While the topic of decorating invades our conscious thoughts more frequently from October through December, decorating is a part of our everyday lives. Many of us adorn ourselves with jewelry, scarves, neck ties and other assorted accessories on a daily basis. Others might spend more time tending to beautiful plants and flowers highlighting our outdoor spaces.  A rabid sports fan might place a team decal on the back windshield of a car to decorate their automobile.  The way one arranges books on a shelf or places a brown lamp next to a gold vase demonstrates the act of decorating.

Decorating should be a fun and festive way to enjoy one’s surroundings.  Between October and December, we experience a slew of holiday celebrations, and we pull out decorations to remind us to celebrate.  Often times, we can feel overwhelmed trying to “get into” the holiday spirit.  We feel let down when we don’t have everything up and ready to go by a certain date.  All the while, we forget that the act of decorating is something we do everyday to celebrate the things we enjoy.

Never feel obligated to decorate.  Rather, feel inspired to decorate. Decorate because you enjoy how that yellow tablecloth looks with those ocean blue place mats. Decorate because you love the way that frog statute looks next to the ferns on the stoop of your porch.  Decorate because you feel like celebrating the moment.

4 thoughts on “My Two Cents on Decorations

  1. I used to decorate for Christmas a lot more than I do now. But now my house fills with my sons and their wives, and the parents and siblings of the wives, and before you know it there are nearly 20 people standing around in a not-very-large house. I’ve learned to keep the decorations very simple, because once I add people and mass quantities of food, the decorations get overwhelmed. (I’m feeling a little that way myself these days!)

    • That is a great point. Over decorating can be overwhelming in many ways, especially if you are short on time or space. Understated decoration can be just as satisfying as over the top.

      I’d venture to say food can feel like decoration, depending on how its presented before everyone feasts. It sound like you have a very lively holiday ahead. 🙂

  2. Nice progression of holiday themes decorating your blog (LOL) – Up here it is so dark on winter mornings that we plug the xmas tree in as a giant night light: it helps combat light deprivation disorders and everyone moans just before easter when it is time to take it down (just kidding, sort of…) Thanks for entering!

    • LOL – hey, one summer a friend and I noticed that there were still pockets of certain neighborhoods where people left their lights up and still plugged them in every night. We went cruising around one evening to view Christmas lights….in the middle of June.

      I know, the shorter days can be a bit depressing… down here we have sunlight from about 7:00am till 5:30pm. It doesn’t help that the floor I work on at work is dark. Somehow I ended up in a department where everyone acts like they have light sensitivity or something so I am constantly running outside in the middle of the day for breaks, especially in the winter time. I need light!!!


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