A December to Remember

Hi there.  I wanted to take a moment and talk about my activity on this blog.  You may have noticed that I’ve posted something new each day since December began (or not…we are only 5 days into the month).  I will never commit to posting daily, but I thought I should take a moment and explain what I would like to accomplish on the blog this month.

I haven’t spent as much time blogging since October hit as I had over the summer.  While I’m still committed to the blog, there is just a malaise that has taken over me when it comes to blogging and writing and all that fun stuff.  Maybe it is the shorter days, the realization that another year is going by or the fact that I have many other things I’m working on outside of blogging which had taken priority for my time.  I just haven’t been as motivated to blog.

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Why haven’t I done more writing these days? Um, my dog ate my pencil?

 I came *this close* to going on hiatus with NMNPHX for the month of December.  I even had a post drawn up and scheduled, promising to return sometime early 2013.

But after some thought, I decided I would be missing out on many creative opportunities for blog posts by bypassing the end of the year. Instead, I decided to find my motivation and see if I can’t make December one of the best months on NMNPHX. If anyone is wishing 2012 would hurry up and end, it’s me.  Instead of ignoring the passage of the year, I’d should celebrate it.  I should celebrate 2012 is going away forever, and I’d like to include all my blog friends in on that celebration.

For the month of December, I will try my best to post daily.  I’m working on new posts (including more Photo Fridays, another Mad Libs, and at least one more Commuter Chronicles post) as we speak.  I’d also like to do a “best of” post and just have fun letting go of 2012.

Clocks showing New Year's Eve

Yes!  2013 is almost here!

I’d also like to take an informal poll among other bloggers.  Are you looking forward to saying goodbye to 2012? Are you doing anything special on your blog to acknowledge the holidays?  Also, should a blog showcasing blinding rays of sunshine activate the special snow feature to make it look like it is snowing on the blog?


Do I need to add some of this to the blog? 

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.  Until tomorrow,

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7 thoughts on “A December to Remember

  1. I’ve had years like that … that I couldn’t wait to usher out the door. But these days my perspective has changed. I remember my grandmother telling me how fast time goes when you’re older, and I thought that was the silliest thing I ever heard. Now I’m the age she was when she told that bit of wisdom, and I understand EXACTLY what she was talking about. Time is racing by. If 2012 doesn’t leave fast enough for you, it’s probably because I’m digging in with my heels in the sand, trying to slow it down.

    • I normally feel a bit of hesitation at this time of year because it does hit me how fast the time went by. But 2012 felt like a cursed year for me. At the danger of jinxing myself, let’s just say if a helicopter fell out of the sky and onto my house in 2012…it would not have been shock.

      LOL – do ahead and dig your heels in…I’m fully insured so if 2012 leaves me one more surprise before it goes away, I think I’ll make it through.

  2. I admire you for staying strong and not taking a holiday from your blog during this busy time of year. I am contemplating a few reflective posts to say goodbye to 2012 but haven’t decided on anything concrete. I am definitely looking forward to 2013- it will be sad since I will be leaving Korea but I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life & blog!!!

    • Thank you! It wasn’t an easy decision, but I am enjoying myself much more now that I’ve given myself some direction for the blog this month.

      I will look forward to your goodbye to 2012 posts. I did enjoy your “What Korea Taught Me” post. I’m sure it will be exciting and bittersweet at the same time to leave Korea. I do hope you continue to keep us updated on your next “chapter”.

  3. I’m glad you decided to stick around, and I salute you for wanting to post every day. I can’t do that even on normal days. The “Best of” post sounds like it could be fun!
    I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to 2013. 2012 wasn’t entirely bad, but I guess one has to move on. I want to do a special post towards the end of the year; I’m still considering my options! 🙂

    • Well thank you for the encouragement! I am only attempting a daily post for the month of December. Come 2013…I will most likely go back to posting 3 times a week. I’m sure whatever special 2012 post you come up with will be well worth the read. 🙂

  4. I put snow on my blog – so it’s sunny snow ^.^
    Definitely looking forward to 2012 ending, I’ve got plans for 2013 – though I need the rest of 2012 to plan, so it’s good there’s still some time left! Plus, I really just want it to be the 22nd so we can stick out our tongues and waggle our fingers at the Mayan calendar!


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