Weekly Travel Theme: Hot

This week’s travel challenge at Where’s My Backpack is HOT!  As in, post photographs to illustrate hot weather to help those of you in the cold, well, warm up.

Living in the Southwest, I have MANY photos that capture the light and sun of the desert.  But rather than post a picture of mountains or outdoor scenery, I chose this pair of photos taken during the dog days of summer.

This was taken on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University. As I was navigating my cousin through the campus so he could easily find his classes before the start of the semester, I wanted to snap a photo of the math and science building. I love the depiction of the Bunsen burner and beaker.  It’s a throwback to another era in time.

Problem is, the sun would not stay out of the picture! With sweat running down my face, I gave up my quest to take a clear picture of this building.



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