How Did You Get Here?

As a blogger, one of the interesting aspects of blogging is site statistics.  Yes, it’s fun to see what blog posts generated more traffic and how many site views my blog receives each day.  It is also amazing to see the number of countries represented by people who have stopped to look at my blog, even if just for a few seconds.

But beyond those statistics, the piece of information that entertains me the most is the search terms.  This is the area where Word Press tells me what search terms people typed into a search engine to land on my page.  I’d thought I’d share some of the more interesting search terms that have led people to my blog. 

Search Terms for 365 days ending 2012-12-03, Summarized for NMNPHX

people who mock you how well you are doing 

famous farmer photograph couple


why are spam posts so bizarre

description of rocks near the shore in cabrillo

victorian houses wallpapers

bert sugar real last name

cdc wedding zombies

cdc how to survive a zombie attack, zombies on your wedding day

dollar bill stamped with i grew hemp

i’m in mexico and can’t get wheres george to load

i am doing jumble,what is this word rlubaanben? can you straight the word out?

how to enter your blog in someblog awards

i eat with a pitchfork asu

how did dr. rosson deal with the heat at his house

doctor oz invisible rid you of pain

mcdonald’s commercial that has oatmeal saying it’s never going to happen

happy update music

As hilarious as some of these search terms are, I can pinpoint which posts people were led to, with the exception of doctor oz invisible rid you of pain. I entered this phrase into Google and after looking through 5 pages of search terms with no site of my blog in the results, I gave up.

At least half of the search terms were in relation to my posts on NFL theme music.  Below are some of my favorite searches related to the topic of NFL theme music:

best nfl theme nbc vs fox vs cbs

mouse in the house football

current american football instrumental songs 2012

sleigh ride fox football theme

nfl on cbs theme music terrible

Now that I’ve shared some of the keywords that have led people to this blog, I’d like to hear from other bloggers on this topic.  Do you have any unusual search terms that led people to your blog? Have you typed in a funny or bizarre search term only to find a website that you now frequent?


12 thoughts on “How Did You Get Here?

    • Let me tell you…I have all of one post that mentions zombies, and it was a criticism of the CDC’s wacky zombie campaign and later their wedding disaster campaign.

      Not only does searches for zombies lead people to my blog but I’ve had several twitter accounts based on zombies follow me because of that one article.

      Behind searches for NFL football music, searches using the word zombie is the second term that drives traffic to my blog.

  1. These are good ones! Usually most of the other blogs I know get hits from porn searches, and things like that.

    My favorites for mine were: reeses balls and sexy ankles (I have no idea where I talk about sexy ankles in my blog… hahaha)

  2. Those are hilarious! My favorite one was, “cdc how to survive a zombie attack, zombies on your wedding day” What in the world did you write that answered that description?

    Some of mine for today were: “Hand down my blouse, kaanapali hang gliding, if i could travel anywhere on the map i would go to first grade writing, although well written, the facts are complicated, electoral college 1790”, and the last one I will share is, “How do the terms primary source, context and subtext relate to studies of humanity?” These all sound a little more highbrow than I am, but “I would go to first grade writing.” Thanks for visiting my post. Your’s is delightful, and I’ll be following. 🙂

    • I love the “first grade writing” one. Those are pretty interesting search terms!

      Back in July, I wrote a post entitled “How the CDC Can Help you Survive your Zombie Wedding”

      I critiqued the effectiveness of the Wedding Disaster blog post by a CDC employee and compared it to the equally ridiculous Zombie Preparedness campaign. It was a fun blog post to write, but as I mentioned to Petersburgh above this blog post also netted me a few “zombie” twitter followers even though I have no interest in zombies or zombie related things.

  3. You have some interesting search terms! The Doctor Oz one is certainly weird, haha. My search terms, while not interesting, are all very relevant to my blog, so that makes me pleased. There is one though…

    “some people believe that some curse causes insomnia” – that made me raise an eyebrow. If only it was so simple!

  4. Because I wrote something called “Shakespeare wrote porn” I do get some porn references, (Porno argenitor? What is that? And why are a dozen people getting to my blog because of it?!)
    And because I had one entry go a wee bit viral and my name isn’t on the blog, someone searched for “Who is behind the Songs for Struggling artist blog?” and I very much enjoyed that I was a mystery!

    • LOL – I wonder how many of those people who landed on your site via a search term including the word “porn” were disappointed when they realized the article was about Shakespeare.

      A little bit of mystery does go a long way. Thanks for sharing that experience. 🙂


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