December Spotlight Awards

Holy Cannoli, it’s already December? I’m still adjusting to the long stretch of holiday called Thanksgiving!  While many of you are dealing with snow and cold temperatures, I’m back to pulling out my spring sweaters for work each day. Normally I’d at least need my beige “detective” coat for the mornings and evenings, but the weather has been more mild than usual with highs hovering near the 80 degree Fahrenheit mark.

I also get to celebrate the fact that I lived another year this weekend and kick-start the next year.  Yes, this is my birthday weekend.  With the buildup to Christmas and then New Year’s over the next 30 days I try to stretch my birthday out over the whole month.  Why? Because I can. Now back to the point of this post.

With the beginning of a new month comes another round of the Spotlight Awards. For those of you new to the party, I spotlight 3-5 blogs at the beginning of each month that I think are deserving of some recognition.  I’ve created a page on my blog that contains the award logo and purpose of the award.  Check it out, especially if you’ve been spotlighted.

Below are the guidelines about the award.

1.  If I pass on the Spotlight Award to you, congratulations!  It means I thought your blog was awesome enough to mention on my blog complete with a short description to my readers about why your blog is awesome.

2. Unlike other blog awards floating around the internet, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TO ACCEPT THE AWARD.

3. If you want to paste the logo on your blog and let your readers know you’ve been spotlighted, that’s cool. If you think my award is bunk and you don’t want to mention it to anyone, well that is your choice.  But just know that you have been recognized and you don’t need to do anything else besides bask in the glory of your victory.

Before I head into a new list of awards, don’t forget to visit the blogs of last month’s winners:

1. The Attic Birds

2. Lydia Puente Harris

3. Bus on Diversion

4. Pat Wood Blogging

And my dear friends, below are some blogs that will help you enjoy the remainder of 2012.

1. Live Laugh RV

Tagline: Our next chapter…

Blog Summary:  Ingrid, her husband Al and their dog Bear spend many glorious days traveling around the country in their RV. Ingrid shares AMAZING photos of the places she visits and tales of traveling through the great outdoors in an RV.

Excerpt: The diverse landscape in the United States never ceases to amaze me.  One day I am surrounded by green, fragrant pine trees with rugged, majestic mountains and the next day there are no trees, no distinguishable scent.  Yet the air is crisp and fresh.  There’s rock, rock in all directions as far as the eye can see.  Rocks in a multitude of hues.  Rocks in awe-inspiring size and shape.”

One more thing: Once, Bear chimed in with a blog post to give a dog’s perspective of traveling on the road. 🙂

2. A Small Press Life

Tagline: Not just a blog, a philosophy.

Blog Summary: Blogger Maedez created A Small Press Life to feed her creative path of writing.  She had done a wonderful job of creating a blog focused on literature.  From book reviews, to the pains of networking to promote one’s work, Maedez covers it.

Excerpt: A Small Press Life describes both my creative philosophy and artistic path. I have chosen, as a writer of both non-fiction and prose, to create and publish solely in the Small Press world…I am not content to simply chase my unfettered muse: I like to include others in the ride. Living A Small Press Life is about taking matters into your own hands. It is embracing the necessity to jump in and get dirty, on behalf of yourself and others.

One more thing: A regular feature on Small Press Life is the Dead Writer’s Roundup.  It is an “on this day” feature that commemorates births and deaths of writers on this day in history.  It has helped me remember writers I hadn’t thought about in awhile.

3. Beyond Print

Tagline: Kenneth Tyler Printmaking Collection

Blog Summary:  This is the blog of National Gallery of Australia’s Kenneth Tyler print collection.  Kenneth Tyler is an influential figure of printmaking, having influenced prominent post-modern artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns.  The blog provides more in-depth information on many of the prints and exhibitions in the collection. If you want to learn more about 20th century artists who have shaped printmaking, follow this blog.

Excerpt: Because of their sensitivity to light, works on paper displays are changed more frequently than paintings or sculptures. This is great for regular visitors to the National Gallery, as it means added opportunity to see the breadth of the Tyler collection. For an idea of what is involved in changing a gallery display, this month we’re taking a behind-the-scenes tour of an International Prints rehang.

Rehanging a gallery is more complex than you might imagine and involves the coordination of many different departments. At least three months before a rehang takes place, curators decide what to display and negotiations with conservation, mount-cutting and framing staff as to how best exhibit and protect the works begin. We looked at this process in last month’s entry here. The Exhibition Design Department is consulted and sometimes a mock-up of the wall is created. Exhibition designers are also responsible for creating labels and wall texts when required.

As the date of the rehang approaches the Exhibitions Department liaise with registration staff to coordinate the movement of artwork between galleries and storage spaces. On the day of the rehang security staff block public access to areas where work is to be carried out, and the installations team prepare their equipment. Curatorial staff are on hand to layout the works and conservation staff are present to condition check the art as it comes off display.

One more thing: The blog is typically updated once a month, but the posts are always entertaining and educational.

 Congratulations to these three blogs!  To view a complete list of previously spotlighted blogs, visit my Past Spotlight Winners page.

12 thoughts on “December Spotlight Awards

  1. Wow, Nicole! Thank you so much for the kind review and the “spotlight award”. Have a great birthday month….celebrate because ‘you can’ 🙂 Cheers, Ingrid

    • I try to add enough information about each blog to entice others to check them out. That’s why I only do 3-5 blogs a month…otherwise this blog post would go on forever!

      I hope you do check out a few of these blogs. 🙂

    • No problem. I do this just as a way to help promote other interesting blogs without the rules attached to most of the blog awards out there. I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past couples of months and I love the focus on literature. Most blogs by writers are more focused on the writing process. To me, your blog inspires writing by celebrating literature.

      • Well, thank you again! It’s nice when someone understands what it is we are about! We do post about the writing process from time to time, but we normally take a more circuitous approach.


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