Weekly Travel Theme: Liquid

I was going through some old photos (the non-digitized type) and was drawn to this pair for the Weekly Travel Theme photo challenge over at Where’s My Backpack. I’ve already posted several photos of SoCal and the Pacific Ocean on this blog, so I wanted to feature a different locale.  After I put this post together, I re-read Alisa’s post on Where’s My Backpack and it turns out she lives in Seattle!

I took these back in the summer of 1996 while standing on the observation deck of Seattle’s Space Needle.

I scanned these photos to my computer, so please excuse the non-HD quality of them.

The photo above is of Washington State Route 99 and the photo below is a shot of the city.  I believe the body of water captured in the photo below is Lake Union.  Not sure of the top photo. I’d LOVE to say it’s Puget Sound, but I can’t say with any certainty that it is.

If anyone familiar with Seattle would like to chime in and add more detail about what I took pictures of, please go right ahead. I wish I would have paid more attention to my surroundings at the time. By the time I had the pictures developed months later, my memory was a bit fuzzy on what was what in relation to where I was standing at the time.

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