November Mad Libs: Holiday Fun

It’s official!  The holiday season has arrived.  Malls everywhere are lining up little lamps and shovels to stand in line and defenestrate their Christmas wish list to Spock. Despite the late atmosphere, many people are curious about the early Christmas displays. After all, stores used to wait until after St. Patrick’s Day to don their tinsel soaked bananas.  Now, stores display their Christmas wares before Deviled Egg Day.

Although many whooping cranes lament the early onset of the holiday season, retailers continue to gargle out early holiday sales, as holiday sales shovel annual revenue.  Therefore, don’t expect stores to usurp the holiday season anytime soon.  In fact, don’t be surprised if in the future you see holiday toilet seats lining the walls of your favorite store after Labor Day.

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9 thoughts on “November Mad Libs: Holiday Fun

    • I’m sure there are holiday toilet seats. Shoot, they make them with fish and shells and all sorts of things printed on them these days.

      It’s funny because the original paragraph I wrote for this, the word I had as a placeholder was wreaths, and toilet seats are about the same shape as a wreath.

    • Wow you are making the rounds around the Valley! I haven’t been to Cave Creek in ages. Yes, it is pretty awesome right now…this is the warmest winter we’ve had in recent years. I remember last year I at least needed a jacket to wear in the morning and evening. Right now I’m just using my light spring sweaters, and those are mostly to wear inside the office b/c it’s colder inside than outside.


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