Spam Comment of the Week: November 19

Oh boy, now the spammers are asking me for advice.

I carry on listening to the news update lecture about getting free online grant applications so I have been looking around for the best site to get one.  Could you tell me please, where could I find some?

What do I look like, information central?  No, I can’t tell you where to find some, but if infomercials have taught me anything, this guy supposedly can.


8 thoughts on “Spam Comment of the Week: November 19

  1. Love how you pick up some great stuff from the spam. Mine is usually so rubbish it’s just delete delete delete. And the ones that say great post come from the weirdest places I wouldn’t want to quote them!

    • I assumed everyone received gems like these, but each week I get a least one comment about how much more entertaining my spam is. LOL – I know what you mean about the ones that come from the weirdest places. I’ve had a few come through written in cyrillic symbols…if only I could decipher what those say!


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