I Love a Parade: Part II

As promised, below are more pictures from the Oct. 27th Arizona State University Homecoming Parade. Enjoy!

I want to say this was entered by one of the dorms, but am not sure.  They built a handmade replica of a computer dashboard, which included a mouse. How meta.

Next up was one of the international student clubs, which included flags from several nations and a HUGE globe.

Although the homecoming game was against UCLA, the next entry chose to heckle another PAC 12 rival, the USC Trojans.  Below: Trojan Horse

The next entry showcased some of the campus’s newer building which have incorporated green standards to reduct energy consumption.

This entry celebrates the class of 1962.

Field goal anyone?

This car with ASU’s pitchfork emblem was one of the last entries.

Again, there were more entries than shown here, but I found it difficult to capture all of them.  Anyhow, a great time was had by everyone in attendance.  This is one event I try not to miss.


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