I Love a Parade: Part I

If you read my Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign post, then you know I posted pictures of a double decker London bus riding around Tempe, AZ.

But why was it riding around?

It was an entry in Arizona State University’s Homecoming Parade, which was held on Saturday, Oct. 27.

The bus was an entry from a local company, London Bus Company, that rents out double decker buses for special events.

I thought I’d share some additional photos from the parade.  I did find that snapping photos of parade floats was a bit difficult.  For one, they seem to move so slow when they’re comping up the street, but seems like right when the float would get in a spot for me to snap a decent photo, the float drivers would start to speed up. I didn’t photograph every entry in the  parade, but I believe I captured enough to show the spirit of the parade.

The ASU Marching Band opened the parade. At the front, cheerleaders and guys with noisemakers asking everyone to show their school spirit.

Below: The mighty tuba section.

Next up: The ASU Football team, seated in a yellow school bus.  The players threw mini foam footballs from the bus into the crowd.

The next group was Step Up to Down Syndrome, an advocacy group for families of children with down syndrome.

Some local city workers had the honor of driving around historic vehicles. The one displayed below was once part of the Tempe Fire Department.

Here we have Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Lion encouraging us to follow the GOLDEN Brick Road (ASU’s colors are Maroon and Gold). The banner in the background showing a fellow with horns is Sparky, the ASU Sundevil. Yes, the school mascot is a devil which makes sense because certain parts of the year feel as hot as hell.

ASU is one of the nation’s largest universities, both in size and population.  Although Tempe houses  the original campus, there are three other branches.  ASU Downtown in Downtown Phoenix, ASU West in Glendale and ASU Polytechnic in Mesa. This float shows a building from each campus to represent all four campuses of Arizona State.

Old Main, the red building shown behind the Poly pole, was the first building with electricity on campus back when ASU was a small territorial school. It was built in 1898 and has been maintained over the years to keep its history alive on campus.

Actual picture of Old Main. What do you think- did the students do a good job re-creating its likeness on the float?

Although I only saw Back to the Future (the first one) exactly once when I was a kid and never had a desire to see it again, pop culture is littered with references to the DeLorean that I at least understood what this thing was.

At first I assumed this was an entry by the Engineering College, especially since all the students donning shirts with atoms were chanting “Nerds” “Nerds” “Nerds”, but was I surprised when I then realized this was the entry from KAET, the local PBS affiliate that broadcasts from the ASU campus.

Considering this parade started at 9am and I had a very small breakfast, I was secretly hoping the guy with the red apron from Cook’s County/America’s Test Kitchen would come running out from the sea of nerds with a platter full of mini cakes or quiches for the crowd to test out.  Sadly, this did not happen.

This float featured a gold Sparky.  This year’s homecoming commemorated the 50th reunion for the graduation class of 1962.

Side view of gold Sparky.  I still was clearly having issues learning how to take good parade photos.

I’m not sure what exactly was going on with this float or what the intended message was. The mountain shown is “A” Mountain which overlooks the Tempe campus.  Yes, “A” Mountain has an “A” on it.

Hope you enjoyed these photos of the parade. Part II will be posted on Friday.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the homecoming game was against the UCLA Bruins.  I’ll save the suspense – ASU narrowly lost to UCLA. Final Score: UCLA 45, ASU, 43.


8 thoughts on “I Love a Parade: Part I

    • I’m sure it did. I’ve never helped construct a float, but I know people who have and even simple floats take hours and hours. I’m always amazed at the different entries each year.

    • LOL – it’s okay. I always show up for the parade every year and just watch the game at home. Now, if you would have told me you were a UofA Wildcat fan…I probably wouldn’t be so cordial. 🙂

      They do have a whole block party set up after the parade, which often includes samples of edible goodies – buy you gotta wait until after the parade. 😦 The people on the floats do throw candy out to the audience, but Dum Dums and Smarties can only fill you up so much before you get access to real food.

      • Hmm – and smarties just aren’t as good as the SweetTart Smarties! Though dum dums are pretty awesome… And yay for block parties! Jealous! We never did anything like that at UCLA!

      • Really? You’d think UCLA would have a block party.

        Shoot, I just sent my cousin a reminder to go to the holiday coffee event in 2 weeks from now where they set up one of the ballrooms with all sorts of cookies and holiday pastries and all the coffee, cocoa and tea you care to drink until 11am. Now…they have some good food at that event.

        Thanks for the comment. We’ll just both band together to root against USC. 😛


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