Mid-Week Break

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit some of the blogs I’ve spotlighted for November. As most of my posts this month will be more focused on photography, as well as another attempt at a Mad Libs post, I’d like to refer my readers to a humorous short story unfolding on the blog of a previous Spotlight winner – The Slowest of All Possible Elevators

 If you have a few moments this week, check out the Chain Letter of Doom story.  Each post is very short, so you can read the story in a short amount of time.  Start with Part Zero .  Here is an excerpt: 

“Rika knew her time was running out. The email had been unambiguous: forward this to 14 people by the 14th of this month to receive 14 free puddings. If you don’t, your dog will explode.

She loved her dog, Cookie, and would not take any chances with the letter’s warning, no matter how unbelievable, ’cause what if?

So she chose her 14 most trusted schoolmates and clicked the ‘forward’ button.”



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