Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Over the summer, the cafeteria at Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix campus became the place for me to sit and eat my lunch away from my work and out of the sun.  I’ve always admired the design of the space, including the lighting.

At the beginning of August, just days before the empty cafeteria would be full of eager new college students embarking on another semester in college, I took photos of the cafeteria from inside, toward the outdoor patio area.

Although the lighting and the color scheme have always appealed to me, the thing that always catches my attention is the squares and rectangles highlighting the space. The square lights attached to the rectangular wooden beam, the sterile square metal tables, the steel rectangular structure of the windows and doorways leading to the outside, as well as the rectangular shape of the orange chairs…it is all geometry in motion.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

    • Hopefully it’s colorful as well. 🙂 The cafeteria inside my company’s building is kinda gloomy, so the college cafeteria is so much more vibrant by comparison.


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