November Spotlight Awards

Ah, November.  The weather is cooling, the leaves are falling, writers are furiously typing novels for NaNoWrimo, and stores everywhere are pretending it’s already Christmas.  What better way to celebrate such an awesome month than to spotlight some blogs!

For those of you new to the party, I spotlight 3-5 blogs at the beginning of each month that I think are deserving of some recognition.  I’ve created a page on my blog that contains the award logo and purpose of the award.  Check it out, especially if you’ve been spotlighted.

Below are the guidelines about the award.

1.  If I pass on the Spotlight Award to you, congratulations!  It means I thought your blog was awesome enough to mention on my blog complete with a short description to my readers about why your blog is awesome.

2. Unlike other blog awards floating around the internet, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TO ACCEPT THE AWARD.

3. If you want to paste the logo on your blog and let your readers know you’ve been spotlighted, that’s cool. If you think my award is bunk and you don’t want to mention it to anyone, well that is your choice.  But just know that you have been recognized and you don’t need to do anything else besides bask in the glory of your victory.

Before I head into a new list of awards, don’t forget to visit the blogs of last month’s winners:

1Zen Scribbles

2The Fuzzy Foto

3The Tripping Pencil

4. ShareChair

And my dear friends, below are some blogs that will get you into a November state of mind.

1. The Attic Birds

Tagline: Oh! The things you’ll find…

Blog Summary:  Friend Emily and Lainey blog about vintage items they find, as well as their creative ideas   in home decoration.  Many of their posts have historical information blended into their articles.  Vintage photos, antiques with names you never heard of and stories of finding items that hold sentimental value have all been topics of blog posts.

Excerpt: Have you ever heard of a ‘wallydug’? You’re not alone! I hadn’t either! But, we posted a preview of Antique Elegance the other week, and a reader from Scotland said she liked the Wallydugs that were pictured…I did some research and found that the etymology of ‘wallydug’ is Scottish and refers to Staffordshire dogs. Our reader Claire is from Scotland, which makes sense, as my digging showed that ‘wally’ refers to china or porcelain, and ‘dug’ is dog (unsure if it’s accent or slang driven).”

One more thing: The Attic Birds are also raising funds for Movember, the month-long campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

2. Lydia Puente Harris

Tagline: My Online Portfolio and Occasional Ramblings.

Blog Summary: Showcases the creative thoughts and art of Lydia Puente Harris, a talented artist.

Excerpt: I made this journal page for Limor Webber’s Mixed Media Challenge.  It’s for a friend,another artist, who hasn’t been having the best of times lately and it is meant to be uplifting. The stamp says ‘to be all that is possible,we must attempt the impossible to be all that we can be,we must dream of being more’ and is from the Tim Holtz collection.  I also wrote, ‘Find the Beauty in life and cling to it with all your might.’ The recycled elements I used were pages that I had torn out from a book when I was making an art journal and I used the back of a birthday card to draw the girl on.”

One more thing: Lydia is also a talented writer.  She kept a separate writing blog for awhile, A Squid Writes, but is focused on the Lydia Puente Harris blog these days.

3. Bus on Diversion

Tagline: Things seen and heard on London’s buses.

Blog Summary:  Blogger Erica recounts the odd sights and often humorous conversations overheard while riding buses in London


11.30pm. Top deck, near the front on the left.

Yes! The most excellent use of the PA system ever. The driver must be a DJ in his spare time, the timing was exquisite.

The top deck was mostly empty. A couple clinked upstairs with a bag full of beer bottles. Giggling, they sat down across from me and cracked open their drinks. The PA came on:

‘The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on London buses.’

The couple groaned and, thinking that the disembodied voice couldn’t be speaking directly to them, ignored the message. Clink, clink, glug.

‘CCTV is in operation on this bus.’

You could almost hear the canned laughter. So much more effective than shouting.”

One more thing: Erica has a Diversions page with links to other interesting sites.

4. Pat Wood Blogging

Tagline: None

Blog Summary:  Whether it’s excerpts from a work in progress or helpful writing tips for those of us stuck in a writing rut, writer Pat Wood always has thought provoking posts that make life in the blogosphere just that much more interesting.

Excerpt: I wish I were in a position to correct another writing error, apart from this one on the subjunctive.

I’m sure that this post is supposed to tell you all about where I’d like to be or what I’d like to be doing, but instead I’m going to use it to have a bleat about another piece of grammar. So:

My grammar is as bad as anyone whose native language is English. We’re not really taught it, are we? We learn it after-the-fact as we learn to cope in another language. I learned Latin, where the grammar is strictly adhered to and you need to know how English is put together. I didn’t, which made life hard. And then French, where I discovered French teachers don’t take kindly to people lousing up their grammar.”

One more thing: Pat created another blog, A Clean Death, to allow readers a glimpse at her current work in progress, as well as a chance to leave feedback on the novel.

 Congratulations to these four blogs!  To view a complete list of previously spotlighted blogs, visit my Past Spotlight Winners page.

8 thoughts on “November Spotlight Awards

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  2. I’ve visited all …. and you are a great blog finder!! I’m excited to have found all three, but truly happy about the Attic Birds. I’m an antique lover, myself, with a passion for daguerreotypes, and other old photos. Thank you, Nicole!

    • Awesome! Glad I could point you to another blog. I first found the blog back in August when I put together my football post. They had an article about an calendar with old college football posters.

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