Spam Comment of the Week: October 29

For some reason, spammers enjoy leaving me quotes in my Spam queue.

I truly enjoy studying on this web site, it has excellent blog posts. “And all the winds go sighing.  For sweet things dying.” by Christina Georgina Rossetti. 

Well, I don’t know exactly what the spammer is trying to sell, but I decided to Google the quote and found that the line above comes from a poem.  Apparently Christina Rossetti was a 19th century London-based poet. Who knew Spam could be actually be informative?

For some reason, the poem to me seems fitting for this time of year, so I’ve included the poem below.

A Dirge


Why were you born when the snow was falling?
You should have come to the cuckoo’s calling,
Or when grapes are green in the cluster,
Or, at least, when lithe swallows muster
   For their far off flying
   From summer dying.
Why did you die when the lambs were cropping?
You should have died at the apples’ dropping,
When the grasshopper comes to trouble,
And the wheat-fields are sodden stubble,
   And all winds go sighing
   For sweet things dying.

4 thoughts on “Spam Comment of the Week: October 29

  1. I love when they tell me that my reviews are very informative…um, yeah I don’t do reviews. I’m a writer. I write so other people can review. hahaha it always makes me laugh


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