Weird WordPress Badges

I don’t even know where to begin with this. While checking the comments on my Mad Libs post from earlier in the week, I noticed WordPress was trying to alert me to the following milestone:


Congratulations on getting 1,337 total likes on NMNPHX.

HUH? Look again folks, I received a badge not for 1,000 likes, not even for 1,300 likes, but for 1,337 likes?! A few minutes later, I then received a notification to approve a pingback from my site to another blogger’s site.  The only problem is, I had already approved this pingback in July.

Is WordPress acting up again? Back in June, I had several issues with WordPress deleting my posts, which I ranted about in Dear WordPress.  Have you received WordPress badges for odd milestones?

27 thoughts on “Weird WordPress Badges

    • I would say you’ve had great luck with WordPress then. I’m grateful it hasn’t deleted any of my drafted posts in months, but it is acting strange in regards to showing me comments on my blog and not showing approved comments as approved.

      The badge thing is just hilarious. Wasn’t sure if everyone receives a badge for an oddball number at some point or if WP is just acting up.

    • After WordPress began deleting my posts in the summertime went I attempted to save the draft via the ‘Save Draft’ button, I went the Word route. It’s probably for the best you never bothered with saving drafts within WordPress. It is unreliable at times.

  1. I received this milestone too, and I really don’t understand the secret behind this number. I’ve looked it up now, and 1337 has its own entry in Wikipedia! 1337 stands for Leet (or leetspeak). Pretty ironic that WordPress should make this a milestone when it encourages good grammar and correct spelling!

    • Yes, blogger The Old Wolf pointed this out. I had absolutely no idea what leetspeak was until I looked it up as well.

      I think you brought up a great point. WP pushes correct grammar and spelling, yet gives out a badge based on cyber-speak. I’ll never quite understand WP!

  2. Hi, I have received the odd 1337 milestone badge, too. Hence, me researching the thing on Google (and landing here). I don’t know if it means anything, however 1337 means “leet” in leetspeak 🙂 It seems to me that not every blogger gets that badge, though…

  3. I’ve just become part of the 1337 club too! I was as confused as you were when they congratulated me – I wish I’d known I was working up to this milestone and I’d have had the champagne and streamers on standby! I admit it feels a bit flat reaching a goal that doesn’t really mean anything to anyone. But if they’re happy I’m happy…

    • That is probably a good way to look at it – if they are happy, then just follow their lead. Well, glad this post shed some light on the award for you. I was a little disappointed when I found out it was a nod to an obscure alphabet. I suppose WP just tries to keep things interesting. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Yeah, I think it is some type of Easter egg. See some of the comments above – some other astute bloggers figured out it had to do with Leet speak – which I had never heard of until now!


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