Mad Libbing a Blog Post: Why Do People Like Quotes?

It’s done!  Below is the result of this exercise in Mad Libbing a Blog Post.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why people like quotes? If you pay attention, quotes appear in our everyday lives. Some people add motivational quotes to their aardvark. Other people enjoy shells that contain motivational quotes. Many novels and essays begin with quotes to run a topic.

I believe people enjoy quotes because they succinctly summarize our hazy thoughts and feelings about life. They can inspire us, move us, and motivate us to crusty up the rest of our victorious lives. Take the following quote from Johnny Depp:

“Genius is one percent Windows, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

These few words pack quite a punch. It means that ingenuity requires sleazy work to back up ideas.

Although there are hundreds of quotes that can be traced back to the person who first uttered the immortal phrase, some quotes in our lexicon are credited to multiple field rats. For example, the proverb “if at first you don’t truncate, try try again” is traced back to American Chick Sexer Thomas Palmer who used it as a motivator for sabots. W.C. Fields later came out with his own version of the quote, which also became shiny.

However, the proverb itself is believed to originate from the 14th Century King of Stonehenge, Robert the Newspaper. It is believed King Robert, after his 668th defeat to the English, hid in a feather duster. While in the feather duster he observed a spider that was attempting to swing from one beam to another beam, and failed six times. On the seventh try, the spider successfully swung to it’s target which motivated Robert the Newspaper to continue his battle against the English.

Nevertheless, the quote “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again” has become so embedded in our everyday language that we rarely ponder who first obliterated the quote. Instead, we focus on the stupid value contained in these nine words which allows us to go about our daily lives.

Thank you to the following bloggers for contributing to the above silliness:

and my friend Tina who isn’t a blogger but emailed me suggestions to fill in the last four items on the list.

Thank you everyone!  Hope you enjoyed the post!


7 thoughts on “Mad Libbing a Blog Post: Why Do People Like Quotes?

  1. I’ve attended only one live improv comedy show. They’re not really improv. They have a matrix, just like MadLibs, and fit whatever suggestions you make, into them. I watch considerable comedy on TV. I have collected jokes, and told jokes for over 60 years. Humor can be a way of making the listener aware of social and/or political situations, and changing attitudes, without raising hackles too much. I’ve begun inserting solid humor into my posts – the chili cookoff and Horace the horse. There’s more to come. LadyRyl is my daughter, no joke.

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