Mad Libbing A Blog Post

Are you familiar with Mad Libs? It’s the word game where you ask people for various parts of speech and plug them into strategic places within a story.  The end result is usually hilarious.

I’ve been itching to try out a Mad Libs here with my fabulous blogging friends. Due to the recent news that Mad Libs co-publisher Larry Sloan died last week, it feels like the right time to pay homage to one of my favorite word games. The game, co-created by by Leonard Stern and Roger Price (both deceased) has brought laughs and smiles to millions of people since the 1950s.

I crafted a blog post on a topic and have it ready to go, except I need all of you to help fill in a few words here and there.

I need 21 words.  Below is my list.  In the comments section, starting with #1, leave me your word.

So for example, if #1 was a noun, I’d expect my first comment to read “#1. Sofa”.  The next commenter would then tackle #2.

Once the comments reach #20 on the list, I’ll post the finished product.

  1. Noun  Aardvark
  2. Plural Noun  Shells
  3. verb Run
  4. Adjective Hazy
  5. Adjective Crusty
  6. Male Celebrity Johnny Depp
  7. Adjective Victorious
  8. Adjective Sleazy
  9. Plural Noun Windows
  10. Verb Truncate
  11. Occupation Chick Sexer
  12. Plural Noun Sabots
  13. Adjective Shiny
  14. Place Stonehenge
  15. Noun Newspaper
  16. Number 668
  17. Noun Feather Duster
  18. Verb Obliterate
  19. Adjective Stupid
  20. Noun Field Rat

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26 thoughts on “Mad Libbing A Blog Post

    • No worries – I needed a second plural noun. I also added run to the list above. I’ve updated the post to cross out what I have already. Feel free to contribute another to the list if you’d like.

  1. #12 – sabots, heavy wooden shoes, not necessarily Dutch, thrown into powered weaving machines to break them and rescue the home-weaving business – hence, sabotage. See Luddites.


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