Photo Friday: Back to the Rosson House

Hello and Happy Friday!  October has flown by and I haven’t had the opportunity to upload some of the newer pictures I’ve taken.  I’m out of town this weekend, so this seemed like a good time to direct some attention back to an older Photo Friday post on the Rosson House.

Rosson House: Present Day

Located in Phoenix’s Heritage Park, the Rosson House was a custom built in the 1890s for approximately $8,000.  The Victorian style architecture of the home was unique for the area, which mostly consisted of adobe structures.  The original owner, Dr. Rosson owned the home for two years.  The home had several owners over the years and by the 1950′s, it became a boarding house that basically deteriorated into a flophouse.

 In 1974, the city of Phoenix purchased the home. Six years and $750,000 later, the home was restored to the way it looked in 1895.  The tour guide informed us that the wallpaper was the original 1895 design and cost $40,000 to restore because it had to be custom made by a company back east.

If you’d like to read my adventurous tour of the Rosson House, check out my post from last spring:

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Back to the Rosson House

    • It’s located in Heritage Park, which has a few other museums. I will be posting a few more pics of Heritage Park in the coming weeks. I’d also recommend catching a play or two at the Herberger Theatre. They also do a Lunchtime Theatre series which I try to catch a few times a year. You get to see a play centered around a topic for $6 and it lasts about an hour.


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