October Spotlight Awards

It’s October already?   Well, I guess it is time for another round of Spotlight Awards!  

For those of you new to the party, I spotlight 3-5 blogs at the beginning of each month that I think are deserving of some recognition.  I’ve created a page on my blog that contains the award logo and purpose of the award.  Check it out, especially if you’ve been spotlighted.  Below are the guidelines about the award.

1.  If I pass on the Spotlight Award to you, congratulations!  It means I thought your blog was awesome enough to mention on my blog complete with a short description to my readers about why your blog is awesome.

2. Unlike other blog awards floating around the internet, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TO ACCEPT THE AWARD.

3. If you want to paste the logo on your blog and let your readers know you’ve been spotlighted, that’s cool. If you think my award is bunk and you don’t want to mention it to anyone, well that is your choice.  But just know that you have been recognized and you don’t need to do anything else besides bask in the glory of your victory.

Before I head into a new list of awards, check out last month’s winners as well:

1Bringing Europe Home

2. Elli Chortara Illustrations


4. House Wife Part-time

5. My Cruise Stories

Without further ado, below are the October Spotlight Winners.

1. Zen Scribbles

Tagline: In Which the Author Rants, Rambles and Sometimes Makes Sense.

Blog Summary:  Blog of writer Zeinab Alayan, who posts about her experiences in writing and often poses questions back to her readers to open a dialogue about how others deal with roadblocks in their writing journey.  She has published one novel, Puppet Parade, and is working on her next novel.  She attributes NaNoWriMo as her catalyst to write out her stories.

Excerpt: Plot bunnies can be quite tempting. You would be sitting there, working on your WIP when suddenly, “Ding! Ding! Ding! You’ve got a new plot!” Try as you might, you will not be able to ignore that call. It will keep bothering you and dancing around your head until you throw up your arms in frustration and admit defeat. You will scramble around for a scrap of paper or a pencil and frantically jot down anything you can remember.  I’ve been struggling with that lately. I know I have to learn to be monogamous with my plots just as I am monogamous with the books I read, but it’s so difficult! Plot bunnies have been invading my mind all the time, at a time when I’m desperately trying to finish a novel that’s – ironically – about an evil bunny who sucks the life from any artist he latches himself onto.

One more thing: Her post The Life and Death of a Chocolate Bar, written in response to a Daily Post challenge, was Freshly Pressed.

2. The Fuzzy Foto

Tagline: Fotos by an Old Woman Who Keeps a Parrot.

Blog Summary:  Fabulous photos by George Weaver.  She is a former high school teacher, social worker and ran a concrete business with her now deceased husband.  On top of her rich career history, George is a talented photographer who shares her photos with the world through her blog. The Fuzzy Foto is an extension of her other blog She Kept a Parrot.

Excerpt: For a long time, I’ve wanted to have a place to put photographs.  Just odd photographs that don’t fit into my blog.  The other night, I decided to create a drop-box file for my favorite photographs.  About two-o’clock in the morning, I hastily created The Fuzzy Foto.  If you’re interested, I’ll be dropping my fuzzies and an occasional sharp one into the Fuzzy Foto box.   My mother’s urn that sits on the living room mantle is one of them.  I always liked this photo, but I never used it here.”

One more thing: The excerpt above is from She Kept a Parrot.  She links the two blogs together so seamlessly you feel as though you are just clicking through one website.

3. The Tripping Pencil

Tagline: Tripping on books and shoelaces.

Blog Summary:  Blog devoted to literature, writing and everything in between.  Creative writing prompts, book reviews and web comics are all featured on The Tripping Pencil.  Got writer’s block? Don’t fret, head on over to The Tripping Pencil and you are bound to find some inspiration.  One of my favorite categories on this blog is Book Spine Poetry, where poems are created using titles of books.

Excerpt: Here is another playfully silly attempt to just write for the bleeding frik frak of it, because being creative is pretty important to curb the going insane, and for other things too. Here is also another reason to create. It’s the being creative, and the doing of the creativity that is surely the most important thing to find yourself doing with time which is otherwise spent dicking around on the internet.  My pseduo-poem, or whatever, is loosely based on the following writing prompt:

Make a list of objects. One thing should be from your desk, one from your closet, one a body part, one a thing you covet that belongs to someone else, one enormous, one slippery, and at least one that makes an odd or evocative sound. Now, describe each using a simile. Do this twice for each one. Using as many of the similes as you can, write a poem with a title such as “Checklist to Survive a Nuclear Winter” or “Things That Have Nothing To Do With Grief.”

One more thing: This blog was also at one time featured on Freshly Pressed.

4. ShareChair

Tagline: Everyday Technology for Everyday Folks

Blog Summary:  As the tagline implies, Sharechair is a blog focused on technology.  However, sharechair’s approach is to present reviews and how to’s from the viewpoint of an everyday person, not a tech guru.  While I do have a habit of hopping on to CNET for product information, I find Sharechair is a great resource as a companion to tech sites.  Sharechair wants everyone to feel comfortable understanding technology and will help you navigate through downloading apps for your iPhone as well as comparing the many Kindles models.  Also, her experiences and reviews on the latest technology are so much more entertaining to read than your run of the mill techie sites.

Excerpt: It was a dark and stormy night day. The perfect kind of day to curl up with a hot mug of steaming coffee and a new, lit screen Kindle. But, alas! The UPS truck just didn’t come as early as I hoped, and it was late afternoon before I was able to rip open the box.

The Kindle is packaged with a cord, but not with an AC adaptor. This isn’t a problem for me, because the adaptor is an accessory I use for several of my electronic gadgets, so I’m good to go. But an adaptor is something you will eventually need if you don’t have one, already.

As familiar as I am with my devices, it’s always a little daunting to grab on to a new one. As I lifted this Kindle out of the box I had a momentary brain-freeze when I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on. Really. (Embarrassing) The Kindle is sleek and slim and there just are no buttons to be seen except for the one little tiny one on the very bottom which I obviously eventually found. In my eagerness, I completely overlooked this very clear instruction right on the front of the Kindle.

I pushed that tiny little button and the Kindle came to life. After a few moments of flashing, there was a screen asking me to make a language choice. The Kindle then went about doing some internal somethings for another few moments as it prepared itself for my reading pleasure. I was also given the opportunity to sign into wifi (I have the wifi only model, my first Kindle without 3G).”

One more thing: There is a page on the blog for new visitors that describes how the posts are categorized and how to easily navigate through her blog for the info you want (and need).  See, Sharechair really does make it easy to use technology!

 Congratulations to these four blogs!  To view a complete list of previously spotlighted blogs, visit my Past Spotlight Winners page.

7 thoughts on “October Spotlight Awards

  1. OH, Nicole, thank you!!! I am deeply honored, and I mean that, sincerely. Such a beautiful, GIVING effort on your part. I’m on my way to visit your other nominees. Thank you so much, and of course I will display my award with great pride. 🙂
    🙂 Kathy

  2. Thank you so much, Nicole! I’m really touched that you would pick me for this award. It really means a lot and I truly appreciate it. =’D

  3. Pingback: Oh reviews, you tickle me pink! | Zen Scribbles

  4. Please forgive me. I totally missed your wonderful recognition post. You are so kind to have visited my blogs and to have taken the time to comment and to recognize me here. I am humbled. Thank you so very much! I will hang around here for awhile to investigate! 🙂

    • No worries! Not every blog I spotlight is a reader of my blog, so I don’t expect replies from everyone. But it is always a pleasure when other do stop by to at least look at the spotlight post for the month.

      I’ve also unintentionally skipped over comments or missed a reference to my blog until weeks later…completely understand. I’m just glad you did make it over here eventually. 🙂


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