Spam Comment of the Week: September 24

Wow, my blog is also educational, according to the first part of this spam comment.

My spouse and I have already been now delighted that Albert could perform his studies as a consequence of the ideas he had via your website. 

No problem Elvis.  Always happy to help out the kiddos whenever possible.  However, I have no idea what you are trying to tell me in the rest of your comment.

It is actually every now and then perplexing to simply normally be gifting away ways while lots of people could…

Way to finish your thought Elvis.


19 thoughts on “Spam Comment of the Week: September 24

    • LOL – well, these are the spam comments that show up as “pending” in the my comment box. According the the Akismet widget, 1,126 comments that I have never even seen have outright been blocked and deleted from my blog. I can’t imagine what those comments look like.

    • LOL I’m just lucky I guess when it comes to spam comments. I guess it really is true – truth is stranger than fiction because I sure would not be able to make up half the nonsense these spammers come up with.

  1. I think the thing with spam is that they send it out to several sites, and it’ll be relevant to maybe one out of a hundred. Though the way I interpret this is something like Elvis being resurrected via ideas on your site…

  2. Some of those spammers probably speak no English and assume that the internet translation programs actually work. (In case there is anyone out there who hasn’t heard what “they” say about assume – it makes an ass out of u and me!) Speaking of internet translations, my husband once printed up some business cards that way when he went to China. They were supposed to say he manufactured fishing tackle. He wondered why the people all laughed and gave him odd looks until someone explained that the card actually said he was a pimp.

    • LOL – that is hilarious! Good point about translation sites on the internet. They can give you a rough idea of phrases and writings translated from one language to another, but language is a very complex thing. I’ve actually tested it out a few times with Spanish to English and English to Spanish and I can tell you that it comes close but the grammar is usually off just a bit. With a language like Chinese, I can imagine there is a huge discrepancy in translation.

      Thanks for sharing your husband’s experience here!

      • You’re welcome on the share. He learned his lesson on that one, got to get the cards made by someone who actually speaks the language.

        I got a spam comment today, and the name of the person who it was supposed to be from was Sandy Butz.. (The comment was the usual nonsense, but the name was just too funny so I had to share it here.)


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