Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

A quick snapshot of a sleepy side street  late afternoon in the height of the summer in Downtown Phoenix.  The Phoenix Convention Center is across the street at the east end and Central Ave, the lifeblood of  Central Phoenix, is to the west.

You can see the misting system is working in full force to provide relief to restaurant patrons brave enough to sit in the outdoor patio.  There is a car parked by a meter in every parking space available as parking is extremely hard to find in downtown.  Even putting this picture in black and white, you can still see a ray of sun hitting the glass of the first visible business at the front of the photo.

It’s about a quarter to five and the only reason I’m out and about is to head to the express bus stop, which will whisk me away from this scene of asphalt and concrete.

Check out the details of The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge here.

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17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

    • Thanks for stopping by! I took this photo back in late July, when the temps were really soaring.

      Right now, as crazy as this might sound to those of you outside of Phoenix, it actually feels mild now that the temps are hovering around 97-100. If you stay in the shade, it doesn’t feel too bad right now, especially when there is a breeze. But, you know, it is still warm so you still have to be smart about not getting heat exhaustion.

      One perk is that is it still warm enough to swim. I’ve got about 3 more weeks of warm weather before the water will feel too cold. Still, it doesn’t quite feel like autumn around here until about late October.

    • Ah, thanks! I wasn’t quite sure if it was anything worth posting when I uploaded it. But when this weekly challenge came out, it seemed to be a perfect opportunity to post and find out whether or not this was an interesting photo.

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    • Thanks. I only became interested in photography over the past two years. Since I started blogging, I’ve been more inspired to not only snap photos of interesting things, but I would like to eventually learn more about photography. I felt the black/white effect just brought out the mist better as well as the rays from the sun.


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