Photo Friday: An Afternoon at Cabrillo Redux

Hi there!  Hope most of you are enjoying this transition from summer to fall.  For this week’s Photo Friday, I’ve opted to update a post from last summer.  The photos below are from my visits to the Cabrillo National Monument back in October 2009 and March 2010.

Cabrillo National Monument is located at the very tip of the Point Loma Peninsula in California.  This national park, which is very affordable at $5.00 per car (2010 prices – do check current prices if you decide to go), provides breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. To see the exhibits at the Visitor Center and walk the path around the lighthouse takes approximately an hour.

From the top of Cabrillo National Monument, you can actually see the San Diego Bay and part of downtown.

Moving around past the statute of Juan Cabrillo outside of the Visitor Center, the view is even more breathtaking.  At this spot, I witnessed a submarine surfacing and saw several sailboats out in the ocean.

A must-see while at Cabrillo is the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

It was only in operation for only 36 years, and closed in 1891 because the location of the lighthouse was often in the path of fog, obscuring light from the lighthouse.

Going inside the lighthouse can be a challenge.  The staircase is steep and narrow, with only enough room for one person to pass in either direction at any time.  If you have  bouts of claustrophobia, you may want to just peek in at the ground level and bow out.  My cousin took a photo of the staircase from the top, as I couldn’t quite make myself go all the way up.   The child in the photo is some random school kid that lagged behind his class on their field trip.

The real fun awaits at the tidepools, where you can easily spend an hour just gazing out into the never-ending body of sparkling water right in front of you.

The tidepools are quite a ways down, and are best accessed by car. I took the picture below while standing at the tidepools. If you look closely, you can see the Old Point Loma Lighthouse at the top of the hill.

Whilst sitting amid the cliffs near the tidepools, I observed a seal swimming through waves as well as starfish and seagulls aplenty. The waves are quite hypnotic and relaxing. The cool breeze emanating from the ocean further creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Everything just looks clear, crisp and clean from this vantage point. You can smell the moisture in the air and the water is just blue and crisp as it washes over the rocks near the shore.

Cabrillo National Monument instantly became a new favorite vacation spot for me. Although I strive to visit different destinations when scheduling a vacation, sometimes it is just easier to hop over to an old standby like San Diego. However, going to Cabrillo was a fresh way for me to enjoy a familiar place.


4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: An Afternoon at Cabrillo Redux

    • I got as far as the 3rd step up before I felt like I was suffocating. I have no problem with heights, but the lack of space was too much for me! I’m just grateful my younger cousins weren’t bothered by it and were able to take that photo!

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